Devoted to a Thesis Writer…

December 15th, 2008

thesis writerIf you are reading this article now, most likely you are a thesis writer. So, dear thesis writer, do not think that no one appreciates your skills and dedication to the work you are doing! This article will tell people all over the world how strong and self-disciplined you are!

  • It is you, a thesis writer, who makes significant contributions into the development of science. There will be many gaps in science if thesis writers do not invest all their efforts into research.
  • It is you, a thesis writer, who does not sleep at night in order to strike the reader by fresh and interesting information.
  • It is you, a thesis writer, who started to arch your back after spending a lot of time in front of your computer. There is no need for a thesis writer to care about his/her back. There are things much more important – an analysis of challenging data, failed experiments, unnecessary surveys, etc.
  • It is you, a thesis writer, who types on a keyboard even while sleeping. Ideas and thoughts do not come up to a thesis writer’s mind in disorder. They are formulated into logically consequent sentences.
  • It is you, a thesis writer, who loses at least 5 kg in 6 months. The most nervous writers can lose this weight in 2 weeks before the thesis defense.
  • It is you, a thesis writer, who does not remember when he/she last visited parties, friends, and even parents. A thesis writer usually has to switch off his/her phone and hang a “DO NOT DISTURB” note on the entrance door every time he/she is busy writing.

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Building an Effective Thesis Outline

December 8th, 2008

thesis outlineWelcome to our guide to making a thesis outline! In this article, you will find the steps you need to take in order to build an effective thesis outline. Follow them in order to arrange the ideas you want to develop in your paper.

  1. Formulate a thesis statement
  2. Your overall thesis paper should be focused on the main idea that you will support by means of different evidences. This idea is, in fact, your opinion on the problem under consideration. So, what do you think about the problem? Formulate your answer clearly, and you will get a thesis statement.

  3. Write out all supporting ideas
  4. When making a thesis outline, follow the principle “from the most general up to the most specific”. In other words, you need to:

    • Write down the most general statements in the thesis outline;
    • Support these statements by certain ideas;
    • Give examples.

    We also strongly recommend you write out all the sources used. If you list all the sources in the thesis outline, you will not have problems making foot/endnotes and your bibliography list.

  5. Adjust your thesis outline to the structure required
  6. Now that you arranged the most specific ideas, it is time for the general organization of your thesis. So, make notes in your thesis outline and briefly state what each of the following parts will be about:

    • Introduction;
    • Literature
    • Review;
    • Methodology;
    • Data Presentation;
    • Discussion;
    • Conclusion

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Literature Thesis Writing

July 1st, 2008

literature thesisIn a literature thesis all of the components have to come together. Your knowledge of the problem, the points of view of other researchers, the original theory – all of these form a well-written literature theses. Though it sounds easy, there is some work to do to make your literature thesis shiny and perfect.

  1. A literature thesis is, first of all, solid work with the original text. This presupposes you read, note, write out, and choose what is best for the writing. A good idea is to pay special attention to the quotes. It is not the best idea to build a literature thesis only on citations, but a reasonable number of them will only make your writing stronger.
  2. A literature thesis also presupposes you study other acknowledged researchers that worked on the same or closely related problem. In a literature thesis, the number of works matters, especially for a thesis litteraire. The number of sources studied for a literature thesis also shows your deep and diverse knowledge.
  3. When working on critical works of famous researchers, it is normal to disagree with some of them. A certain discussion is welcomed in a literature thesis. It shows you have your own opinion on the problem. There is also a possibility you will want to add something to certain theories to adjust them to your literature theses. This is also normal, as long as backed up and reasoned.

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Your Thesis Writing Guide: Learning to Manage

June 25th, 2008

thesis writing guideWhen it comes to a thesis writing guide, you have plenty of ways to follow. You can make yourself problems and break the writing into many small and complicated pieces. Another way to follow a thesis writing guide is by following step-by-step guidelines.
We offer you an original thesis writing guide that should solve all of your problems. The reason we are so sure in it is because our thesis writing guides helps you manage the task.

  1. Manage your time. This step of our thesis writing guides strongly recommends you to realize that the amount of time given to write a thesis is limited, no matter how long it seems in the beginning. If you learn to plan in advance, the next steps of our thesis writing guide will probably be of no use any more.
  2. Manage your tasks. If you are, however, feeling you need a thesis writing guide, the next step you should take is learn to set goals and achieve them. If it is a thesis, define all the questions and get answers to them. This especially includes the outline of your future dissertation chapters.
  3. Manage your sources. For this step of our thesis writing guides set a list of sources you need to work on. Several of them will be basic, and will take a lot of time to analyze. The rest will be additional, like brush strokes to a picture. This is why our thesis writing guide urges you to find out which sources will do as main, and which – as additional.

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Thesis Writing Tips for Productive Writing

June 13th, 2008

thesis writing tipsDid your teacher provide you with some thesis writing tips? No?! Then, our thesis writing tip will be no less helpful than a consultation with your examiner.
Probably, you have experience of writing papers, so, we will not talk about such obvious things like the significance of an interesting topic or the importance of thorough research. On the contrary, we will present you some thesis writing tips that will help you complete your assignment fast and effectively.
Thesis writing tips – number one: you should accept that you do not have much time for this assignment. Some of the experienced writers, actually, like to postpone their work till the last minute, because they write more productively under the pressure of time. So, you should also feel the pressure of time, at least, to work faster.
Thesis writing tips – number two: in spite of the traditional opinion that an outline should be made as soon as possible, we advise you to put the task of organizing an outline aside. The idea of this thesis writing tip is not to let the structure kill your creativity. So, after you have reflected all your creative ideas on paper, you may start organizing them according to the structure. Read the rest of this entry »

Nursing Thesis: How to Work out Ready Materials

May 30th, 2008

nursing thesisWhen getting ready to write a nursing thesis, one should be well prepared and have certain work materials that have been collected and analyzed beforehand. These work materials include data got from the interviews conducted, data taken from the sources found and some other auxiliary information. If you have it all, you are ready to start making your nursing theses itself. Now your task will include the following steps:

  • Making an outline for a nursing thesis. Outlines are always helpful if they are made correctly. A good outline for a nursing thesis will help you rally your thoughts together and build up a logical chain of your narration. One of the best ways of making an outline for nursing theses is to draw a scheme that would reflect all necessary issues to be disclosed in your nursing thesis;
  • Making nursing thesis chapters. Now that you have an approximate picture of your nursing thesis along with the proposal made beforehand, you are ready to start writing your nursing thesis parts. It is better to start with the main body. However, this does not mean that you can start writing the body with any point you like. The body of your nursing thesis should be consistent. This effect cannot be achieved if you do not start from the very beginning with the first issue to be disclosed;

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If You Want to Get a Good Custom Thesis

May 21st, 2008

When you make an order from a writing service company, you have to be aware of several rules of the correct work with your writer. Yes, there are some unwritten rules. If you think that you just make an order and after that you get your custom thesis, you are not exactly right.
Definitely, your custom theses will be written by an experienced writer. Still, you have to remember that they are not almighty. While writing your custom thesis, they also face numerous difficulties. You simply do not know about them.
Thus, we would like to talk about your work with a writer if you expect to get a high quality custom thesis.

  • Do not procrastinate. Procrastination will be a great obstacle even for a custom thesis writer. I guess you understand that a good piece of writing cannot be done in a few days, especially if it is a thesis. Only think of that amount of materials that your writer will have to find and study to write the custom thesis. If you make the order a few days before you have to submit your work, forget about the high quality of the custom thesis.
  • If you want your custom theses to be done properly, give all the possible instructions to the writer. Describe all the peculiarities of your project and some specific requirements.

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Hints on Graduate Thesis Writing

May 16th, 2008

graduate thesisDo you know that the last step to your degree is graduate thesis writing (ok, and its defense)? So, before you actually graduate, before this long expected day comes, you need to accomplish the last assignment – to show all your skills and knowledge in your graduate thesis.
You should be ready for this! Well, I think you do understand that graduate thesis writing is not an easy task. It will take a lot of time and efforts. You have to work a lot in order to achieve good results. If you want to get your Master’s degree, then you should demonstrate that you are really worth it!
Your graduate thesis is a piece of work that presents your investigation and abilities to work with the sources. You will also defend your graduate thesis in front of the committee – it will be the last step.
I want to present you a kind of a skeleton for your graduate thesis. You may use it as your own, but do not forget to add there interesting information on the chosen topic.

  • Presents a brief review of your graduate thesis (300 words). Tells the readers about the main issues raised in this graduate theses
  • Contains information on the topic and methods of the work. The main purpose is to interest the readers and point out the goals of writing.

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Thesis Database: Can It Help You?

May 13th, 2008

thesis databaseYou are wasting your time reading information that seems to be absolutely useless for making your own thesis. You need some ideas but nothing comes up to your mind. Perhaps, you need the other sources of ideas? Well, just think of the opportunity to get some new thoughts and ideas from a thesis database! It would be perfect!
So, you have decided to call at any thesis database. There are 2 possible ways to do it: either to go directly to your university library, or to call at the official website of your university library and use their online thesis database. It is easy and useful to look through a few papers from this thesis database and make your own thesis project on the basis of what you have read. Do you want to know how this thesis databases can help you?

  • Ideas. Any thesis database is a collection of theses that were once written by graduate students. If you take a few ideas from each of these found in the thesis database of your university library, you may identify an interesting problem to be considered in your own thesis paper;
  • Structure. All theses kept in the thesis databases are made in accordance with the most general requirements for the structure. If you are not sure that your thesis chapters follow each other in the right order, look how the theses found in the thesis database are structured;

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Your Undergraduate Thesis: Necessary or Not?

April 30th, 2008

undergraduate thesisVery often students pose one and the same question to themselves: weather it is necessary to write undergraduate theses or not.
There can be two answers to this question:

  • Someone believes that to write an undergraduate thesis independently is a very important step, which brings us to more serious life. We should create a good undergraduate thesis and show that our degree is justified.
  • Someone still thinks that to write an undergraduate thesis is a waste of time, as it is possible to order it from some writing service and enjoy the last days of this carefree life. You may order your undergraduate thesis, then read it, get to know all necessary information about the topic and make a good presentation of this work.

So, what is better – to write an undergraduate thesis independently or just buy it? I think that this choice depends on human’s nature. If you like to work, then to prepare this undergraduate thesis will not be a problem. Nevertheless, if you think that it is an unnecessary work, that it will be listened for one time and forgotten for the rest of your life, then it is better to find necessary sum of money and buy this work. Read the rest of this entry »