Personal Response Essays: What Do You Think about This Text?

October 30th, 2009

personal response essayA personal response essay is a common college assignment, usually for a writing course for beginners.
A personal response essay is quite a short paper (1-4 pages long) in which a student has to analyze and express his/her opinion about a certain reading. It is a really useful kind of work because:

  • it teaches to understand what you read;
  • it helps to develop your analytical thinking;
  • it helps to develop an ability to express your thoughts, impressions, and feelings in the written form.

These are particular steps to take in order to prepare good personal response papers.
Personal response essays: step 1
Read the text for the first time. If you do not get something, do not worry. First, understand the overall idea of the text. After you finish reading, sit for a while and think how the text makes you feel.
Personal response essays: step 2
Start reading the text for the second time. Now, you will have to make some notes. This will be useful to talk about in your personal response essay:

  • feelings and emotions that the text calls in you;
  • points that you agree and disagree with;
  • things that make or do not make sense from your point of view.

Personal response essays: step 3
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Why Submit Essays for Money

June 22nd, 2009

submit essays for moneyTo shatter the myth about piles of money earned after one submits essays for money, we offer you both pluses and minuses of the process based on the experience of one of the students who decided to get involved. He was new to it, just as you are right now. After you read his notes and impressions, you will decide whether it is worth to submit essays for money.
Submit Essays for Money. Impressions
“I definitely needed some cash. And since I had a certain amount of essay papers piled in my computer and binder, I decided to submit essays for money”.
“What? They accept only original works??? Well, I will get rid of half of my papers and sell the rest”.
“They want my papers to be used as a resource for other scholars? These things even I doubt calling good essays? This is embarrassing”.
“Well, who cares if they use them as a resource for other scholars. I still submit essays for money and get extra cash”.
“It turns out they can break my works into parts and sell in any format. Great. It means I will get more money!”
“No, I won’t…”
“Who cares. I am just going to submit the same essays for money to another websites and get a double value”.
“Apparently, these folks do not like it when I cheat while submitting essays for money. They refuse to pay for a paper that has already been submitted somewhere else. I have to be more attentive next time. This resource pays more for original writing. I will go here once I write some extra essays”.
“Did somebody promise me tons of cash after I submit essays for money? I mean – tons? Show me that person!”
So, what do you think about submitting essays for money?

College Level Essays: Basic Principles of Writing

June 9th, 2009

college level essaysVery soon, you are going to enter a new stage of your life, college life. You will face the first challenges, advantages of being a student and your first college level essays. At a glance, they will look like those papers you used to write in high school. Your grades for written assignments were good. This is why you will use the same techniques and methods when writing college level essays.
Yet, after a while, you will realize that those techniques do not work for college level essays. Grades will not meet your expectations.
What we are talking about is that college students have to meet much higher standards, and this also refers to college level essay writing. That is why let us help you a bit and present some basic principles of writing college level essays.
Always make sure you understand tasks
College level essays are written on a great variety of topics that require using particular writing styles. If you do not understand your task, you will not be able to use the right style or type of essay. By the way, we recommend you check once again what argumentative, persuasive, analytical, and some other types of essays are about.
Conduct research before you start writing college level essays
Your high school papers could be based on class notes, your own experience or knowledge gained during class discussions. Unfortunately, this will not be enough to prepare a good college level essay. Researching your topics is absolutely necessary.
Make outlines for college level essays
In fact, this rule also works for high school assignments, but we know that many students neglect it. Well, it will be a big mistake of yours in college.
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Reflexive Essays vs. Reflective Essays

June 1st, 2009

reflexive essayRecently, we have heard debates between two students. They were arguing about reflective and reflexive essays and could not decide whether these two essay types mean the same.
Do not remember what they finally came up to, but we can tell you for sure that reflective essays and reflexive essays are used interchangeably, which confuses students.
Anyway, now you do not have to think whether you have understood the task correctly, since your teacher wants you to write a reflexive essay. And we are going to discuss some basic principles of writing reflexive essays.
The gist of writing reflexive essays
Your mission is not that complicated indeed. All you have to do is reflect on one of your experiences. It can be whatever comes to your mind, e.g.:

  • A meeting with a person who affected you greatly;
  • A day when you heard someone saying “I love you!” for the first time;
  • A day when you felt really miserable, etc.

Do not panic if you have absolutely no ideas for your reflexive essay. In this case, students just write about their academic experiences like some experience of taking a certain course.
The main rule one should keep in mind when writing a reflexive essay
This rule boils down to the fact that a good reflexive essay should include not only details about your experience.
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Writing a Documented Essay: Frequently Asked Questions

April 27th, 2009

documented essayYou have prepared an essay, handed it in, but your teacher returned your paper saying it is not a documented essay. Yes, you have failed the task to write a documented essay. Probably, you did not get teacher’s instructions correctly. Maybe, you have some other reasons for failing the assignment.
Anyway, it does not really matter. What you have to do now is rewrite your paper and learn some basic principles of writing a documented essay. Below, we introduce some frequently asked questions about documented essays that students have.
What is a documented essay?
There are two ways of defining a documented essay:

  1. It is an ordinary research paper;
  2. It is a 2000-2500 words long paper (not a full-scale research project) that “summarizes” in-class work like written assignments, tests, etc.

What are the reasons for writing documented essays?
There are basically three major reasons for completing this kind of work:

  • To report – just to introduce a certain problem;
  • To interpret – to present a problem and interpret some findings related to it;
  • To analyze – it is the most complicated type of documented essays, which requires your critical thinking skills. You will have to make a hypothesis, test it, and analyze conclusions.

What are some specific aspects of writing documented essays?
To write an excellent documented essay, you will have to use a number of sources. Documenting these sources is the most significant aspect of documented essays and the reason why they are actually called so.
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300 Words about Career Objectives Essays

April 21st, 2009

career objectives essayWriting a career objectives essay can be a part of your application essay or just another written assignment from your tutor. In both cases, preparing career objectives essays can be troublesome for some students, especially for those who have no clue about their future career.
Anyway, your primary goal remains the same. You need to produce a career objective essay that will be highly rated. Here are some tips on how you can do it.
Explaining your choice
Say, you have a clear vision of your future career. What is more, you have been dreaming about it since your childhood. In your career objectives essay, give clear explanations why this particular career path attracts you.
If you have some doubts about your future career, explanations are still necessary. In this case, you need to think of some good reasons why you cannot make up your mind.
Education and training
In this part of the career objectives essay, tell about qualifications, degrees, etc. that are necessary for the career field. If you are writing this career objectives essay as a part of your admission essay, you will have to explain how the program or school you are applying to will help you achieve your goals.
Your career in 5-10 years
Statement of your long-term goals in the career objectives essay is also necessary. You will demonstrate your clear understanding of what and how you need to do to achieve these career goals.
What you have already done
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What Do You Know about Writing an Effective Essay?

March 30th, 2009

effective essaysWe are sure that all students want to know how to write effective essays. Essays are assigned frequently and they influence the final grade for a course. So, the more secrets of effective essay writing you know the higher grades you get.
By the way, what do you think makes an essay effective? What is writing an effective essay about? Many students tend to think that effective essay writing boils down to following teacher’s instructions and other official requirements.
While these things really matter, we insist that many other factors influence the effectiveness of your essays. So, keep in mind the following if you want to produce effective essays.
Not a mere collection of other’s ideas
Your essay will not be effective if you just list someone’s ideas. You have to use secondary sources and develop your own interpretation of what other people say. Mind that effective essays are based on your own ideas first of all.
Long paragraphs are not the sign of effective essays
Do not make your paragraphs too long. Do you know what teachers think when they read long paragraphs? “Seems this guy lacks focus. Or, probably, he just gives unnecessary details to hide poor understanding of the subject”.
An original title
It is one of the signs of an effective essay. An original title means you have considered all essential aspects of your topic. You have synthesized them and transformed into a sentence that will serve as some sort of “hook” for the reader.
Finally, effective essay writing should be ended up with proofreading. Never hand in your paper until you edit it.
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A Proven Plan for Writing Film Analysis Essays

February 6th, 2009

film analysis essaysWe are sure that writing papers on films is one of the favorite assignments for many students. Watching movies and talking about them… do you not think it is exciting?
This time, your task is a bit more complicated. You need to make a film analysis essay, which requires not only your awareness of a certain film.
Before you start writing your film analysis essay, make sure you know the meaning of the following terms:

  • Diegesis;
  • Flashback flashforward;
  • Genres;
  • Focus;
  • Shot;
  • Scene;
  • Mice-en-scene;

These are the basic terms that you will have to use while writing the film analysis essay.
Now, let us discuss particular steps that you will have to take to prepare an outstanding film analysis essay.
Film analysis essays: point 1
Choose a movie to consider. Sometimes, tutors provide a list of films to choose from. Watch the movie at least two times.
Film analysis essays: point 2
When watching the movie, make notes on the key ideas and scenes. Read them after you watch the film.
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How to Write Outstanding Essays on Murder

February 5th, 2009

justified essaysMurder… The only word can make a normal person shudder. It does not really matter under what circumstances this terrible crime is committed. It can be a murder committed as the outbreak of aggression or in rage. It can be a thoroughly planned homicide. Anyway, it is an awful act that can be justified only in some rare cases.
So, you are about to start writing an essay on murder. Have you already chosen the main idea for your murder essay? We suppose that the great majority of students will write their essays on murder from a legal perspective.
Well, not a bad idea, still it seems to be a bit boring. You definitely want to create the essay on murder that will stand out and amaze your tutor. Then check out several ideas for killing essays on murder below.
Mass murder
This topic will perfectly suit your essay on murder if you are interested in history. Particularly, your murder essay can be devoted to Nazi killings of Jews or mass murder in the Soviet Union in the 1930’s.
Murder in movies
Murder seems to be one of the most frequently depicted themes. We can recommend you consider and discuss the following movies in your essay on murder:

  • Anatomy of a Murder;
  • American Psycho;
  • Boy Meets Girl;
  • The Diary of Jack the Ripper;
  • Killer: A Journal of Murder.

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How to Write a Powerful Biography Essay

February 3rd, 2009

free biography essaysDo you know what the most exciting thing about writing biography essays is? Well, you just have a chance to devote your paper to someone you really love, respect and value. We are sure there is such person.
Ok, let us assume there is a person in your mind you would like to present in your biography essay. Then, you probably need several pieces of advice on how to write the biography essay itself. We suggest you follow the next plan.

  • Introduce the person you are going to talk about. Give several basic facts about him/her.
  • Why do you think this particular person deserves your and the reader’s attention? Think of good explanations and present them in the biography essay.
  • Think how to introduce the biography of your “idol.” What we mean is that “he/she was born in…” sentences will not make your biography essay impressive. Probably, it is better to introduce a few but really significant facts from the biography.
  • Do not forget to tell about his/her achievements. Are they important for you only? Do they play an important role for the humankind?

We recommend you find several free biography essays and compare the ways their authors introduce simple biographical facts.
Now, we have a few recommendations for those who are stuck with the main idea for biography essays. If you cannot think of the right person to describe in your paper, try the following strategies: Read the rest of this entry »