History Thesis Must Avoid Ideological Landmines: Choose Wisely

June 21st, 2012

A history thesis is rather intimidating to many students. Apart from capping off a degree program, history theses showcase everything you have learned in previous coursework. As an added complication, studying History in the 21st century is almost invariably an ideological exercise, and often painfully political, rather than being the serene retrieval and organization of facts about the past. Your choice of thesis will be shaped by past courses, but you still have flexibility to select an approach or a specific topic that compels your interest and also avoids conflict. This is less exhausting and stultifying.

How does your department study history?

In light of inevitable ideological landmines, it is crucial to identify and understand your department’s special emphasis. You want to either follow this same emphasis, or prepareto defend your alternate choice. Every department has one. If you are not sure, ask yourself, how do most of the professors, or the most powerful professors, in the department study history? They could, for example, be examining history at the level of, for example:

  • the individual,
  • the culture,
  • or the nation-state.

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Who Can Help with MA Thesis Writing

May 5th, 2009

MA thesisEvery student dreams of getting a degree and finding a good job. Naturally, you can get different degrees, depending on what career path you choose. However, it is not enough just to want this degree – you also have to work hard.
Well, in this article we will talk about one of the possible degrees – Master of Arts. To be more exact, we will talk about a project you should prepare to get this degree – an MA thesis.
Your MA thesis may be in Fine Arts, Humanities, Technology, or Social Sciences.
To succeed in writing the MA thesis, you should follow a certain plan. If you do not have a plan yet, look at our simple but effective plan right now:

  1. Choose a supervisor;
  2. Select a topic for your MA thesis;
  3. Outline ideas, set purposes, choose methods;
  4. Create a timetable;
  5. Follow this timetable while researching and writing;
  6. Consult your supervisor as often as possible.

Of course, each of these steps requires time and efforts. If you are not sure that you can cope with such work on your own, you are welcome to ask for help. Who can help you write your MA thesis? Here are some suggestions:
Your supervisor and your parents
Of course, these people will help you. Your supervisor is experienced and can help you solve any problem you face. He/she will direct you throughout the whole process of writing your MA thesis.
Your parents are sure to support you whenever you lose motivation and feel depressed. Their assistance, support and understanding are very important.
Thesis support groups
Join such group! You are wrong if you think this will not help you write your MA thesis. People in such thesis support groups face the same challenges, so they know how to help you.
Custom writing companies
Well, if you feel you cannot complete this hard work or you need help with a particular chapter, custom writing companies are what you need. Just make sure you choose the right one, the reliable one!
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Effective Strategies for Thesis Editing

February 13th, 2009

thesis editingWhile writing a thesis, you get involved into your work so that it becomes really difficult to mind the target reader. However, you cannot simply forget about your reader. You have to make everything clear and readable. That is why thesis editing is so important.
In this article, you will find useful tips for thesis editing. Read and consider them while editing your thesis.

  • Make sure subjects and predicates agree in number
    Mostly, students make this mistake in complex sentences. In the process of thesis editing, try to break long sentences into small ones and make sure subjects and predicates agree in number.
  • Check whether all phrases make sense
    Try to look at your paper objectively: are there any meaningless phrases? If you cannot find any, ask your supervisor/friend/mom to read the paper. They will certainly facilitate the thesis editing process.
  • Make sure your sentences are not too vague
    While editing your thesis, it is necessary to replace all vague words, finding those that are precise and express the meaning you wanted to convey. So, try to choose the most appropriate words while editing your thesis.
  • Check sentences
    Some sentences may be incomplete. While thesis editing, check whether all sentences in your paper have both subjects and predicates. Two-member sentences are usually required for such scientific projects.
  • Make sure Active Voice is used more frequently in your paper
    While writing the thesis, you definitely use Passive Voice constructions. Naturally, it is not forbidden to use them. Still, Active Voice is preferable. Mind it while editing your thesis.
  • Pay attention to the use of pronouns
    While editing the thesis, change all personal pronouns “I”, “My” into “They” or “We”. It is one of the rules of using scientific language.

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95 Theses: What They Are About

February 12th, 2009

95 ThesesDo you believe in God? What do you think about church? Is it a place where God is waiting for people to confess? Is it a place where churchmen have more rights than other people? If these questions are interesting to you, you will find “The 95 Theses” by Martin Luther rather exciting to read and analyze.
About “The 95 Theses
“The 95 Theses” was Martin Luther’s protest against the medieval Church. In “The 95 Theses”, he criticized the Roman Catholic Church. This document gave birth to a new trend in Christianity – Protestantism.
Nowadays, “The 95 Theses” are studied in many academic institutions, and students are frequently assigned to write different papers about it.
About the background of “The 95 Theses
Do you know why Martin Luther decided to write “The 95 Theses”? Actually, the reason was a conflict between churchmen and ordinary people. The sixteenth century was the age of constant disputes about indulgencies within the Roman Catholic Church.
According to the rules established, every person who committed a sin had to pay money to the Church. Thus, he or she received forgiveness from God and Church. In fact, those rules were nothing but the way of earning money. Martin Luther decided to reveal that fraud, so he wrote “The 95 Theses”.
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How to Write a Powerful Biography Essay

February 3rd, 2009

free biography essaysDo you know what the most exciting thing about writing biography essays is? Well, you just have a chance to devote your paper to someone you really love, respect and value. We are sure there is such person.
Ok, let us assume there is a person in your mind you would like to present in your biography essay. Then, you probably need several pieces of advice on how to write the biography essay itself. We suggest you follow the next plan.

  • Introduce the person you are going to talk about. Give several basic facts about him/her.
  • Why do you think this particular person deserves your and the reader’s attention? Think of good explanations and present them in the biography essay.
  • Think how to introduce the biography of your “idol.” What we mean is that “he/she was born in…” sentences will not make your biography essay impressive. Probably, it is better to introduce a few but really significant facts from the biography.
  • Do not forget to tell about his/her achievements. Are they important for you only? Do they play an important role for the humankind?

We recommend you find several free biography essays and compare the ways their authors introduce simple biographical facts.
Now, we have a few recommendations for those who are stuck with the main idea for biography essays. If you cannot think of the right person to describe in your paper, try the following strategies: Read the rest of this entry »

300 Words about a LaTeX Thesis

January 23rd, 2009

LaTeX thesisIf you need to write a LaTeX thesis and you are not sure what it is all about, this information should be interesting to you. We will talk about the peculiarities of writing a LaTeX thesis and the necessary requirements you have to meet.
In fact, it is not that difficult to write a LaTeX thesis if you know all its peculiarities. So, let us get down to business.
LaTeX is one of possible document markup languages. It is a preparation system, usually used in scientific and technical documents. However, do not confuse it with a word processor.
This system saves a LaTeX thesis writer some time. Do you know what it means? Well, if you write a thesis using LaTeX, you should not bother about all those format and layout issues. You should focus on the right content only.
How does the process of writing a LaTeX thesis look like?

/title{Marketing Strategies}
/author{Carry Pirkins}
…….. text …….

This is a little piece of how you should prepare your LaTeX thesis. Do not be afraid of such a complicated structure. Read necessary instructions to start writing your project. When you know all those commands and use them correctly, the only thing you should focus on is apt information.
What is so special about LaTeX thesis writing?
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Secrets of Thesis Writing

January 20th, 2009

secrets of thesis writingAre you about to complete your final academic project? Is it a thesis? In this case, read our secrets of thesis writing.
These secrets of thesis writing will help you present a perfect project, get a high grade, and that longed-for degree. So, read them carefully and consider each point.
1st secret of thesis writing:
You should realize that thesis writing is not a simple assignment you need write as soon as possible and forget. Much more hides behind thesis writing. What are the main purposes of thesis writing? You need to:

  • Present your ideas and independent research;
  • Demonstrate writing skills;
  • Show your creative abilities and knowledge gained;
  • Prove you are ready for serious work, etc…

2nd secret of thesis writing:
One of the most important things you should do before you actually start writing a thesis is to choose an advisor. This person will be your “friend” throughout the whole process of thesis writing. Let it be a person you can get along.
3rd secret of thesis writing:
Most students think that they need to forget about all the entertainments, meetings, parties because of thesis writing.
Naturally, thesis writing is a time-consuming process. And not to get lost in all the things you need to do, all the peculiarities and requirements you have to consider, you need a detailed plan. First, make a DO TO list (start with choosing an advisor up to defending your thesis). Second, make an outline of your thesis. Writing will be much easier, believe!
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Tips for Writing a Thesis in Public Administration

January 14th, 2009

thesis in public administrationDo you have to write a thesis in public administration? Do you have any ideas of how to start your work? Have you already thought how to conduct research? We have so many questions. Do you have answers?
Well, if you cannot answer some of the questions, spend a couple of minutes reading this article. Here we would like to present a plan you may use to create a thesis in public administration.
Of course, your thesis in public administration should have a title. So, start your work with choosing a good topic for the thesis in public administration. Pay attention to the following ideas:

  • Implementation of IT in Public Administration;
  • Public Administration, Its Essence, Role, and Specific Programs;
  • Major Principles of Public Administration in the USA;
  • The Role of Philippine Public Administration Reform.

Well, after you choose a topic, you may start investigating it. After you gather enough material, analyze it, you can easily start writing the main body of your thesis in public administration.
Maybe, the following public administration thesis writing tips will help you:
Make an outline of your work. Your thesis in public administration should consist of:

  1. Title page;
  2. Abstract;
  3. Acknowledgments;
  4. Introduction;
  5. Literature review;
  6. Methodology;
  7. Data presentation;
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300 Words about Thesis Editors

December 26th, 2008

thesis editorIn this article, we will talk about a person who can considerably influence the grade a student gets on a thesis. This person knows own business and is always ready to enlarge his/her level of knowledge. This person knows everything about mistakes and can correct all of them and improve a paper. It is all about one person – a thesis editor!

  1. Have you already prepared a thesis?
  2. Do you lack time to check it once again?
  3. Do you have no desire to read the whole project once again?
  4. Are you unsure about your personal editing abilities?

If any of these issues is about you, then a professional thesis editor is the person you need to find!
Of course, a thesis editor will certainly improve your paper. However, what exact steps does a thesis editor take? Maybe, one day you would like to become a thesis editor. So, these tips will help you:

  • Read aloud the whole project.
  • Underline all unclear and confused sentences;
  • Get a general idea of the work read;

Do you have any questions as for this stage? Well, all unclear issues should be improved.
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Keys to Writing a Thesis Proposal

December 24th, 2008

writing a thesis proposalYou have made one of the most important decisions in your academic life! You have decided to write a thesis. Do you know what should be written and defended first? Well, you have one important mission – write a thesis proposal and get it approved!
So, do you have no ideas on how to start writing a thesis proposal? Or, do you just need a couple of hints to succeed in writing a thesis proposal? Anyway, this article will be interesting to you.
Once working on a thesis proposal, keep in mind that highly educated people will evaluate this work. So, make sure your thesis proposal is written accordingly.
Well, what is so special about writing a thesis proposal? The main purposes of writing a thesis proposal should help us answer this question.

  1. The first purpose is to get an approval to conduct research. Choose an interesting topic for consideration. Introduce it so that the thesis committee sees the importance of conducting your research and investigating this particular topic.
  2. Another purpose of writing a thesis proposal is to check the efficiency of your project. Your supervisor and the committee will evaluate it and make corrections on how to improve it.

While writing a thesis proposal, consider the following:

  • Try to avoid jargons and complicated terminology;
  • Build correct sentences (no need to make them too long);
  • Write up to the point;
  • Use illustrative material to attract the committee’s attention;
  • Make use of statistics.

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