Business Term Paper Topics for Undergraduate Business Students

May 29th, 2012

Writing a business term paper will help you discover better insights about the different areas of business management. Students find that a business-related term paper will help them understand the diverse and complex world of business. When asked to write business term papers, your professor will give you a specific topic to write about in some cases. But most of the time, professors usually give their students the better leeway to decide on the main topic of their term papers about business. In this case, you need to develop your own ideas for your business term paper. You need to start with a fresh approach in search for a topic for a term paper about business that would have more essence in the business industry. You may find broad topics to write for your business course but you can narrow down your options with these suggested main topics and sub-topics to write for interesting business term papers:

1. Theories in Business Management

  • Classical and scientific approach to business management
  • Behavioral and human approach to business management
  • Systems or contingency approach to business management
  • Political or collaborative theories in business management
  • Modern management theories

2. Business Management Styles

  • Autocratic business management style
  • Democratic business management style
  • Laissez-faire business management style
  • Collegial business management style

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Finance Term Paper Topics You Can Pick From To Get You Started

April 24th, 2012

finance-term-paperFinance term paper topics ranges from simple to more advanced topics, depending on the level of study a student is pursuing. There are also general finance topics that can be handled by anyone with background knowledge in business and finance. If you have difficulties finding appropriate topic for your paper, this article will be of much help, as it present you with variety of topics across the field of finance.

Basic topics for Finance term papers

These are basically the concepts and definitions used in Finance studies. Understanding of these topics, concepts and definitions is very important. They are meant to prepare students for the more advanced level term papers in Finance. These topics include:

  1. Definitions of the term Finance
  2. Basic concepts in Finance
  3. History of Finance
  4. The Nature of Finance
  5. Branches of Finance etc.

General Finance term paper topics

These topics can further be broken down into many other subtopics in Finance studies. You can base your term papers on either the general topics or subtopics drawn from the general topics, the choice is absolutely your. These include:

  • Topic in Public Finance
  • Topic in Project Finance
  • Topic in International Finance
  • Topic in Real Estate Finance
  • Topic in Personal Finance
  • Topic in Trade Finance
  • Finance Regulations
  • Finance Management
  • Topic in Banking Finance
  • Corporate Finance Financial Ethics
  • Finance and Capitalism
  • Finance and Economy
  • Finance and Politics
  • Finance and Society
  • Accounting Finance
  • Topic in Finance Insurance etc.

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Religion Term Papers: Comparative Analysis of Doctrines

December 15th, 2011

Analysis of world’s main doctrines
Despite the popularity of materialistic and atheistic theories, the contemporary level of people’s piety is rather high. Most present day philosophers admit the importance of non-material dimension of life. Working on religion term papers, learners should estimate the influence of religious norms on the life of the society.
The fact is that religious studies are an integral part of cultural and historical context. Religion term papers require a comprehensive analysis of relations between church and state. Students need to analyze the main world’s doctrines, compare and contrast their main propositions.
Whatever their own beliefs are, learners need to be objective working on their religion term papers. Knowledge of various religion studies is an integral part of person’s erudition. Data concerning world’s main religion doctrines might be used in research papers in other fields of study. Hard work on religion term papers helps to raise the learners’ awareness concerning the spiritual dimension of life in various countries.
Tips for writing religion term papers
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Education Term Paper: How to Reform the System of Education

December 17th, 2010

Time flies, the centuries have passed but we still live in the world where everything is not perfect. The sense of the things remains the same. Hundreds of different education term papers have been written during the last centuries but the principles of education are left unchangeable. This sphere of life needs innovative approach.
Education term paper: Sources of inspiration
Education term papers are the researches students write in the college or university. These pieces of writing can cover different topics but all of them touch the sphere of education. In modern world education term papers are aimed at some revolutionary approaches. A lot of up to date education term papers are dedicated to the usage of modern technologies in the process of studying.
The authors of such education term papers have a great desire to sound innovative and they search for their own educational programs. If the student is given a task to write education term paper he or she should think of:

  1. The topic for education term paper. It is possible to use experience of studying at school or higher educational establishment. The topic should be not very vague but interesting and logically structured.
  2. The methodology for carrying out the experiment. It is obvious that education term paper has some practical part. This chapter is the most valuable in education term paper.
  3. The form and style of presenting the ideas. This is also quite significant as here the author has the chance to dispute with the readership.

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Term Papers Free: They Are Really Helpful. Do You Know Why?

November 5th, 2010

Indeed, the Internet is an extremely useful thing – in many cases, it becomes a source of effective help for many people. Term papers free are what helps students to cope with a very complicated assignment: term paper writing. Make working with free term papers your useful habit.
Term papers free have significant advantages:

  1. They are written by professional writers or skilled students
  2. There are a big number of free term papers on any topic available on the Internet
  3. They are free!

Thus, a term paper free is your immediate and reliable help in term paper writing.
Need a topic idea? Embarrassed about doing an investigation? Have hesitations about structure or writing style? Read term papers free and expand your knowledge about the peculiarities of free term paper writing.
Many students have already improved their term paper writing skills with free term papers. You read term papers free, analyze how they written and keep this useful information in mind. Soon, term paper writing becomes not a problem any more!
Working with free term papers has certain peculiarities that are important to consider. Below, some points NOT to do with term papers free are listed:
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How to Write Narrative Papers: Remember the Matrix

December 4th, 2009

How to write narrative papersA narrative essay is one of the most controversial types of papers. It is very simple due to the natural flow of storytelling, and it is very hard due to its distinctiveness from other papers. And this is why you might face certain challenges if you are assigned to write a narrative essay.
Do not worry, since we are going to help you by sharing our experience of writing narrative papers.
How to write narrative papers: theory
The basic principle of completing narrative essays is to write from your own perspective. The very process of writing is very natural: as if you tell a story to your friend. So, generally speaking, if you wonder how to write a narrative paper, the answer is very simple: trust yourself and let the story flow.
How to write narrative papers: practical advices
Yet, this was only theory. Let us move on to practice.
The first thing to do when writing narrative essays is to recall any story that you would like to tell your friend. No writing yet. Just recall the story: it may be funny or thrilling, lyrical or something else. It is like writing a reflexive essay. The only exception is that this story should be interesting and it should be about you (see our article on how to write essays about yourself).
Speak out loud this story as if it is a rehearsal of your meeting with friends. Repeat it a couple of times. Do you see that you skip some details? Sometimes, you forget to tell something and then you check yourself and introduce the details omitted. Why? Because they are essential. After several tries you will get the gist of what is important and what is not.
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Term Paper Writing

September 17th, 2009

term paper writingDo you think that it is very difficult to prepare a term paper? Actually, it is quite easy. In order to succeed, you just have to know some simple rules of term paper writing.
Below, we offer the main rules of term paper writing especially for you. If you follow these rules, you will easily write a good term paper without investing extra efforts.

  • Plan your time. If you organize your term paper writing process by means of creating a simple time table, you will complete your term paper much more quickly and on time.
  • If you face some difficulties when completing a certain part of your term paper, postpone it for some time. Try to work on another piece of your term paper writing.
  • Think over all steps you need to take to create a really good paper. Make notes which will help you remember everything you wanted to mention in your term paper.
  • If you have no idea of how to arrange the process of term paper writing, consult your supervisor or ask him or her to show you some term paper examples.
  • Do not try to solve all of your problems independently. If something is too difficult for you to understand, ask your supervisor to help you and clarify those things.
  • If some idea seems to be too confusing, do not mention it in your term paper.

  • If you are at a loss and think that you can fail to cover the topic of your term paper properly, try to change it.
  • If nothing can help you, use the services of professionals working for term paper writing companies.

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Ask Your Tutor for Term Paper Help

January 24th, 2009

term paper helpWriting a term paper requires student’s time and efforts. You cannot just sit down and start writing straight away. There is a lot of work to do first.
This is why term paper help is something you should get from your tutor. Let us talk about that term paper help you can get from your tutor.
Term Paper Help: Point # 1
Usually, tutors specify topics for term papers. You have been studying different topics in class during a certain period. Now, you should demonstrate your knowledge and achievements. So, if you have a chance, discuss possible topics with your tutor and pick out the one you are interested in.
Term Paper Help: Point # 2
Ask your tutor to give you several past term papers. With the help of such works, you can analyze what style of writing to choose, what research methods are preferable, etc. Such term paper help from your tutor is reliable and useful.
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Writing a Term Paper: Recipe for Success

December 19th, 2008

how to write a term paperYou suddenly wake up in the middle of the night with the thoughts: “How to write a term paper?” Again, this is the third night in a row you have nightmares and wake up crying that you do not know how to write a term paper.
It is high time to visit a doctor. Even more, it is better to send for a doctor. Knock, knock… We are here! Right now, we will investigate your problem thoroughly.
So, this diagnosis is rather clear: no idea of how to plan and write a term paper. All you need is a good recipe on how to write a term paper. Let us give you some instructions.

  1. You do not know how to write a term paper. To be more exact, you do not know how to start writing a term paper. Well, we have the following suggestion:
    • Drink a glass of juice (to refresh your mind) and pick out a catchy topic for consideration. Let it be something you are interested in, something that you would enjoy investigating.
  2. You do not know how to write and structure a term paper. Our advice is simple:
    • Use several term paper examples. Study how other students write term papers, what methods they use, analyze their styles of writing, etc…
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Power Keys to Writing Architecture Papers

November 27th, 2008

architecture papersArchitecture is one more art form that has been accompanying human civilization throughout its history. Architecture is changing constantly, getting accommodated to the realities of our world. So, if you have to write architecture papers, you have hundreds of issues for discussion to choose from.
At a glance, it seems that making a research paper in architecture is quite easy. The subject itself allows you to create a catchy and unusual piece of work. Still, some students manage to write an architecture term paper or an architecture research paper in a boring way.
How? Actually, there is nothing special. They choose a topic for their architecture research papers, e.g. a certain architecture movement. Then, just describe its peculiarities, tell about its prominent representatives and that is it.
It is not surprising that architecture papers of that kind will make professors yawn and readers quit reading after the first page.
Yes, the main secret of a successful architecture research paper or an architecture term paper hides a bit deeper.
Do you know what it is? It is your ability to think independently, critically and analytically. Do not think that such skills of yours are useless when writing about architecture.
Several topic examples for architecture papers will make everything clear!

  • Fashion and Architecture
  • Try to examine similarities between architectural and fashion designs. Yet, first, prove that they do exist!

  • International architectural traditions in American architecture
  • History says that such countries as France, Sweden, or Netherlands had an insignificant political influence on the United State. Try to explain in your architecture paper why architectural elements of these countries can be found in American architecture.

  • Japanese philosophy in architecture
  • Definitely, such architecture paper requires a deep investigation of Japanese philosophy and overall set of values. All of them are introduced in the Japanese concept of green architecture.

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