APA Formatting: APA Style Niceties as Your Secret Weapon

September 19th, 2012

If you are too busy to dig through the multi-volume APA citation style manuals, you are not alone. The multiple guides from the American Psychological Association are the worst time killers ever (it’s true Facebook, no offense please).
Still, are you ready to read the great news? Well, here it is: with this easy to understand guide you will be able to format your APA papers quickly and with ease.

APA formatting of a title page

The first step to making your APA papers just perfect is formatting their title page. These are the main steps to take:

  • Select 1 inch margins on all sides.
  • In a left-aligned header, type the words “running head” and a short title of your paper. Use capital letters for all words in this title. E.g. Running head: EFFECTS OF MUSIC ON ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE.
  • Use an Arabic figure to show the page number in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Include the full title of your paper, your name and your course in the center of your title page.

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Research Paper Introduction: Best Solutions to Get It Started

April 5th, 2012

research-paper-introductionResearch paper introduction is a crucial component of any research project. This relatively small part that takes up to 10% of your entire project gives a reader the first impression of you and your paper. It can either save or doom your grade. Do not assume that saying something remotely related to your topic is okay for your research paper introduction. Instead, check these effective solutions to get your research papers started.

Research paper introduction: your goals

The introduction for a research paper is like the trailer for a movie. It grabs readers’ attention, presents the topic, lists the research questions, but never gives the answers to them. The introduction should not be confused with the abstract, which includes both questions and answers. In general, your main goals in writing the introduction for a research paper are:

  • grab readers’ attention and show why they should continue reading your paper;
  • provide broader context for your study;
  • briefly outline what and how you are going to investigate;
  • formulate your goals and the questions you are going to address.

Research paper introduction: main components

As you now understand the main goals of research paper introductions, you may still wonder how to start a research paper. Here are the main components that will allow you to write a winning introduction for a research paper:

  1. Background and broader context for your research problem (do not go too far with it). In this section of your research paper introduction, you might want to use keywords from the title of your paper.
  2. A brief literature review, focusing on the explanation of the current understanding of the issue offered by other scholars (with citations). Do not include too many sources (3-5 should be enough).
  3. Significance of the study (why this problem is topical and important).
  4. A brief discussion of your research design and methods and why you chose them.
  5. Research questions or hypotheses. A research question takes the form of an interrogative sentence and ends up with a question mark. A hypothesis takes the form of a declarative sentence and ends up with a period. You may include either research questions or hypotheses in your introduction. Both variants are correct.
  6. A thesis statement briefly and concisely explaining what readers can expect from your project.

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APA Format Research Paper: It Is Easy if You Have Some Tips!

April 29th, 2011

Standards make people’s lives easier and more comfortable. They bring understanding and harmony. Of course, the entire academic world has its own regulations. For instance, those involved in the study of social sciences are likely to use APA format style.
Do you need to write your APA format research paper? The most detailed information about such kind of work can be found in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition). So, while writing your APA format research paper you should consult this source. However, it is possible to single out the most important points.

  1. As far as your APA format research paper typing is concerned you should make sure that you use 12 fonts and your paper is double-spaced. Your APA format research paper should have one inch margins. The text of your APA format research paper should be left aligned.
  2. As for your APA format research paper writing you should remember that it is an academic paper so it should be well-organized. Use headings and subheadings which will make your APA format research paper easier to read. Do not use elliptical sentences and avoid contractions. It is essential to pay special attention to citation and your reference list compiling. Thus, each time you are going to refer to a new source in your APA format research paper peep into the manual and this will keep you from many mistakes.

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Research Paper Titles: Choose the Name for Your Brainchild

March 3rd, 2011

Research paper titles are not just the standard beginning for your writing. They work as a means of communication with the reader, outlining the topic of the research, giving the idea about the content, and catching a reader’s attention. This article will help you to develop the appropriate title for your research paper.
When to Develop the Research Paper Title
Despite research paper titles are often developed after the research has been done. However, it is more effective to formulate the title in the very beginning for the following reasons:

  • It is a good way to represent the essence of your research paper to the colleagues, supervisors etc.
  • The title is needed when applying for funding.
  • It helps to set priority considering intellectual property rights.

How to Formulate the Research Paper Title
Formulate the research paper title considering the functions mentioned above:

  1. Make the title attractive. Analyze how the newspaper and magazine articles catch your attention and use the corresponding techniques.
  2. Avoid developing the essay title: do not be too metaphoric and challenging. The research paper title should be formal.
  3. Include all the necessary information into the title. For example, if you investigate how A influences B under the condition of C within the term D, make sure that your research paper title includes A, B, C, and D.
  4. Use the popular key words. This will simplify the access to your research paper in the future.
  5. Do not exceed 15-20 substantial words.

How to Test the Research Paper Title
It is easy to check quickly whether your research paper title works well:
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College Research Papers: How to Write a Really Good Paper

February 18th, 2011

A college research paper is a good chance to demonstrate your knowledge and skills. Nevertheless, writing college research papers can be quite challenging. Consider our hints on writing college research papers.
First of all, it is important not to turn your college research paper into an essay. Do a research and present its results. For example, in your college research paper, you can:

  1. Study origins and evolution
  2. Compare
  3. Analyze causes
  4. Analyze effects or consequences
  5. Analyze statistics
  6. Study connection
  7. Corroborate or refute etc

In other words, you should provide your own ideas in your college research paper. In case you allude to another researcher’s idea or opinion, you should cite it appropriately.
Many students choose a topic and then start looking for information, which is hardly an effective approach. We recommend you to work with sources in order to see what information is available and then to decide which topic you are going to work on.
When writing your Using college research papers online is a good idea. There are different types of college research papers online, and each of them has its advantages:
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Writing School Reports: the Role of the Teacher’s Personality

November 26th, 2010

There are many tasks school children are obliged to do in the school. Writing school reports is considered tot be one of those assignments. Sometimes pupils are not quite ready to perform such responsible tasks. There are a lot of reasons for fiasco in writing school reports and the personality of a teacher is one of them.
Writing school reports: In search of perfect teacher
Teachers should understand their exceptional role in the forming of pupils’ personalities. Before writing school reports with children the teacher should be aware of the following information.

  1. Writing school reports is a very challenging and difficult task for school boys and girls. The teacher who gives this assignment has to prepare them for this process. That is why his or her personality is very significant. The teacher should be professional in his or her subject and possess good knowledge of psychology and even philosophy. Children should respect and trust the teacher. In such a way they will have a sincere desire to follow this person. Therefore writing school reports will remind of unforgettable journey with a favorite teacher.
  2. The main task of the teacher is to inspire the pupils for writing school reports. It is well-known that they will do this in any case. Writing school reports is integral part of the studying plan. Nevertheless, this is the teacher who can make the process of writing school report more interesting and not so difficult. Good explanation of the requirements for writing school reports is half of the way. The teacher should be very skilful in order to present this task in a proper way and make children interested in it.

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How to Critique Research Papers: Sharing Something Else Except your Feelings

August 29th, 2010

critique research paper“Well done!”, “Great job!”, “Well, probably you should work more on your paper”, “Terrible! It is the worst paper I have ever read”… Is this how you are going to critique a research paper? Then, we are sorry to disappoint you, but you are worth nothing as a critic.
The thing is that when you critique a research paper, you are not supposed just to express your feelings as if you have watched a cheap soap opera. Your major mission boils down to shedding light on the author’s mistakes, inaccuracies, and ways to improve them as well as on the strong sides of someone’s work.
Therefore, let us explain you how to critique research papers, because you definitely have no idea how to do it properly.
How to critique research papers: step 1
Start with reading a paper. Just read the work without taking any notes or marking something. Make sure you get a general idea at this first stage of your research paper critique.
How to critique research papers: step 2
Then, re-read a research paper introduction. Do you remember what makes a good introductory paragraph? Actually, it should present the problem under discussion and the author’s opinion (argument) on this problem, which is also called a thesis statement.
How to critique research papers: step 3
Now, start re-reading body paragraphs. In a few words, body paragraphs should disclose all points presented in the thesis statement and support the author’s position with evidences.
How to critique research papers: step 4
Finally, get down to conclusions. Mind that the final paragraph should not simply summarize major points, but also point the reader to the findings made and leave him/her with something important to think about.
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Science Research Paper Writing: Tips and How To’s

March 15th, 2010

science research paperA science research paper is a summary of your studies. On the one hand, it helps a supervisor evaluate your level of knowledge, research and writing skills. On the other hand, and what is more important, writing a science research paper gives you a good chance to deepen your knowledge of a certain subject (of a certain issue), improve your research and writing skills.
This is why writing science research papers is so important. So, let us describe what should be done to prepare science research papers.
Decide on and describe your problem
You should start from the very beginning. And it is deciding on a problem you want to study. After you choose one and approve it with your supervisor, describe it in the very beginning of your science research paper so that the reader knows the purpose of your studies.
Mathematical models
If you have several formulations, mention them all in the introduction of the science research paper. For example, many scientific experiments can be described in terms of math. Be sure to mention the mathematical model of your problem if you have one. Consider it as a rule: add as much math as you can. It will introduce some stylish finish to your science research paper.
Any discussion is meaningless without a proper definition of basic terms and concepts you use.
Previous research
Make sure you mention the “history” of the problem, techniques used by other researches, problems and questions appeared during their studies. This will help you understand the scope of your topic and related problems.
Conduct and describe your research
In the science research paper, provide some specific information as to what methods you are going to use and why, what results you expect and what the theoretical base of your studies is. Why your experimental results should be valid? What future problems do you see? All these things should be mentioned in the science research paper.
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Biography Book Reports: A Simple Way to Organize Your Paper

January 18th, 2010

biography book reportsThe history of humankind as well as present day times are full of outstanding people who somehow changed or affected our world. Other people investigate lives of famous personalities and write biographies.
Your next written assignment will be devoted to one of the biography books, and it seems like this task makes you a bit confused. Bet you are trying to answer two major questions:

  • Who should be the subject of your biography book report?
  • How a good biography book report should be organized?

We agree that coming up with biography book report ideas is not easy, since there are so many options. All people who are famous for something are worth being discussed in your biography book report.
If there is no one you admire or who serves as a kind of role model for you, do the following. Take a piece of paper and write down several categories, e.g. musicians, politicians, athletes, artists, etc. Then, put into each category the name of a person that comes to your mind. Finally, look through the list and choose one person to discuss in your biography book report.
Well, how to organize your biography book report properly? Sometimes, teachers provide biography book report forms or some sort of plans for you to be able to arrange ideas. Such biography book report forms are also available online or you may check several free biography book reports.
Below, we present our simple but effective plan for writing biography book reports:
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Papers on Genetics: How It All Works

October 9th, 2009

papers on geneticsWriting papers on genetics can be both really challenging and exciting. It will be a rather difficult task to complete for those who are not very interested in genetics and do not know much about it.
However, working on a genetics essay will be exciting if you at least realize that genetics is very important and plays a tremendous role in today’s life. Anyway, we will try to help everybody who needs to prepare essays on genetics.
Before you get down to work
Before you start writing your essay on genetics, make sure you know and understand some essential concepts: DNA, RNA, amino acids, proteins, nucleotides, and so on. Another important thing to recollect before writing essays on genetics is mutation. Mutation in other words can be defined as some bad changes in DNA.
To make sure that you do understand everything, recollect all the stages of the meiosis process.
How to complete an essay on genetics if you are not an expert
Well, we have already mentioned that your mission will not be easy. Still, your paper should be prepared, and you need a grade on it. What you should do is select one of the basic topics related to genetics and write about it.
Start with a bit of history of genetics and tell about Gregor Mendel. Then, go into details about the structure of DNA, explain how DNA makes RNA, tell about the sequence of DNA/RNA etc.
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