Biography Book Reports: A Simple Way to Organize Your Paper

January 18th, 2010

biography book reportsThe history of humankind as well as present day times are full of outstanding people who somehow changed or affected our world. Other people investigate lives of famous personalities and write biographies.
Your next written assignment will be devoted to one of the biography books, and it seems like this task makes you a bit confused. Bet you are trying to answer two major questions:

  • Who should be the subject of your biography book report?
  • How a good biography book report should be organized?

We agree that coming up with biography book report ideas is not easy, since there are so many options. All people who are famous for something are worth being discussed in your biography book report.
If there is no one you admire or who serves as a kind of role model for you, do the following. Take a piece of paper and write down several categories, e.g. musicians, politicians, athletes, artists, etc. Then, put into each category the name of a person that comes to your mind. Finally, look through the list and choose one person to discuss in your biography book report.
Well, how to organize your biography book report properly? Sometimes, teachers provide biography book report forms or some sort of plans for you to be able to arrange ideas. Such biography book report forms are also available online or you may check several free biography book reports.
Below, we present our simple but effective plan for writing biography book reports:
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Important Aspects about Your Dissertation Research Proposal

January 30th, 2009

dissertation research proposalWe guess there is no need to tell you about the significance of a dissertation research proposal. You have certainly defined it as the first important step towards the completion of your dissertation and degree.
Perhaps, you even know all the necessary steps that you need to take when writing a dissertation proposal. However, if you follow them blindly, you will get a simple dissertation research proposal that the committee will not appreciate, most probably.
This is why we want to make an emphasis on some other important aspects of dissertation research proposals. Here are several secret strategies for writing a good proposal for a dissertation.
Powerful introduction
One may say, “Is it really a secret strategy for writing winning dissertation research proposals?” Well, yes it is! Are you sure that you can explain the gist of your project in one or two sentences and make the reader believe in its significance?
The opening paragraph of your dissertation research proposal is the biggest chance to grab the reader’s attention. So, do not miss it!
Every student looks for his/her own ways to make a dissertation proposal stand out. We suggest you construct your proposal around some kind of paradox or puzzle.
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Guide to a Research Paper Reference List

November 17th, 2008

research paper referenceDo you have to complete a research paper on Psychology or Natural Sciences? Then a guide to making a research paper reference list will be right on time. Use the information given below to make your research paper references properly.
All research papers in APA style should include a list of the sources used for investigation. This list is usually called research paper references. There is also a certain set of rules that you should stick to while writing your research paper references.

  1. The research paper reference list should begin on a new page. The word “References” should be centered at the top and bold typed.
  2. The entries in the research paper reference list should be alphabetized by author’s names. If a book is anonymous, it should be alphabetized by the name of an organization or its title. Books without authors should be alphabetized by the first significant word of their titles.
  3. All entries of the research paper reference list should be double-spaced without any extra spaces between each entry. Use five spaces to indent the first line of each entry given in your research paper reference list.
  4. Use italics to present the title of a book or periodical, but not for the title of an article.
  5. Present the volume of periodicals using italics.
  6. Each entry presented in the research paper reference list should correspond to the in-text citations.

There are also special requirements for presenting web sources in the research paper reference list. In this case, the following elements should be presented:

  • Author;
  • Publication Date;
  • Web Page Title;
  • Retrieved Date;
  • URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

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Gathering Information for Research Methods Papers

June 26th, 2008

research methods papersGathering information is what research methods papers should start with. It is the way you choose the sources, select and evaluate information. To prepare research methods papers, you should be able to operate with different sources of information.
Here is how you should manage your research methods papers:

  1. Choose only those sources that can be called reliable. This means no weird web-sites. Even relying on the memory is not of big help when it comes to research methods papers. Everything that pops in your mind has to be carefully checked for consistency.
  2. Good research paper analysis is something that always weighed a lot when it came to research methods papers. You can get it from encyclopedias, especially if they are specialized. Consider turning to the online encyclopedias for research methods paper. Internet is also a useful source of information.
  3. Textbooks should be something you lean on in your research methods papers, but they should better be limited in usage. They are definitely reliable sources, but they are also something all of the students will turn to for research methods paper.

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Research Paper on Givenchy

June 3rd, 2008

Givenchy is a well-known French brand of clothing, perfumes, accessories and, of course, cosmetics. You are very lucky if you study at the DT department and are going to write a research paper on Givenchy. In this article we are going to talk about the way of writing research papers on Givenchy.
It is quite evident that the first thing, which comes to my mind when thinking of writing research papers on Givenchy, is the history of this French brand. It is very interesting, since it was founded by a French aristocrat and gained big popularity at once. So, you may think over the reasons for it in the research paper on Givenchy.
Besides, if you are going to bind your life with fashion industry, you may discuss the points of popularity of some fashion house in the research paper on Givenchy and then use it for your own benefit and future career.
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Research Paper on the Theatre of the Absurd

April 4th, 2008

research paper on the Theatre of the AbsurdThe Theatre of the Absurd is a literary trend, which was highly popular in Europe. The purpose of this trend was to highlight the sins and vices of the society with the help of such stylistic devices as irony, hyperbole, satire, sarcasm, etc. This trend was followed by lots of the writers of that time. The most famous representatives of it are I. Ionesco and S. Beckett, A. Adamov, etc.
A lot of researches have been made to clarify the nature of this literary trend. So can you do. You may write your research paper on the Theatre of the Absurd.
You are sure to find out a lot of interesting for you facts and aspects of this mysterious trend. In your research paper on the Theatre of the Absurd you can choose some literary work pertaining to the Theatre of the Absurd as a basis. Thus, here are some of the literary works considered by critics to be of the Theatre of the Absurd, which you may analyze in your research paper on the Theatre of the Absurd:

  • “Waiting for Goddot” by S. Beckett;
  • “Mother Courage and her Children” by B. Brecht;
  • “The Bald Soprano” by I. Ionesco.

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Algorithm Research Papers

December 20th, 2007

Writing a research paper is not an easy task, writing algorithm research papers is a challenging process that requires certain knowledge and skills along with time and efforts.
To write effective and successful algorithm research papers, you have to understand what a research paper is. Research paper writing is a painstaking process of inquiry. The main purpose of this investigation is to revise a discovery, search facts, and rationally define necessary points that you need for your research papers.
So, the core of your algorithm research paper is a research. But your research should not be based only on the Internet sources. It should be also supported by your class discussions and your own research. To have it properly done, you have to go through several stages. Read the rest of this entry »