Biblical Essay Topics: They Are All Around You

September 24th, 2010

biblical essayWhen it comes to writing biblical essays, many students start panicking a little. Some of us believe in God, others do not, but everyone knows some basic biblical doctrines like Ten Commandments. However, our knowledge and understanding of the Bible does not go further, and that is exactly why students may get stuck with their biblical essays.
Yes, we agree that writing about something you do not understand is not easy. Yet, do you know what the most fascinating thing about writing biblical essays is? Actually, you have a chance to deal with topics that you know quite a lot about and probably even discussed in some of your previous works. What do we mean under such biblical research topics?
The answer is simple. The Bible is a very “wise” book and contains answers to almost any question. It touches upon issues that are the same acute nowadays as they used to be in the times of Abraham and Jacob. This means you can choose a biblical topic that you understand and even feel strongly about. Let us give you a couple of examples.
Say you want to touch upon polygamy and monogamy in your biblical essay. These two topics are perfectly covered in the Bible, and actually you will use it as a primary source for preparing your biblical essay. All you have to do is find relevant verses in the Bible that answer questions you want to pose in your biblical essay.
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Essays on Current Issues: Think of an Unusual Approach to Writing

September 10th, 2010

current event essaysHave your teacher asked to choose some current event and write an essay about it? Does this assignment make you confused a little? Then, we are glad to explain you its gist and share good ideas on how to prepare excellent current events essays.
First, let us explain you what current issues actually mean. In a few words, these are some up-to-date issues related to various fields of our life, which may refer to some innovations in this or that field, controversies, news, etc. Basically, you should not face too much trouble with your essay on current issues, because:

  • you will not lack ideas for writing;
  • you will not lack materials for covering such topic.

There are just some important things you need to keep in mind about writing current issues essays. First, you have to narrow down the scope of your work. At least, define a certain field where you will be looking for current issues: education, economics, politics, etc. Second, decide on the right type of your essay on current issues.
Many students prefer to write argumentative or persuasion essays on current issues. We have already mentioned that current issues are very often controversial, which makes them perfect to discuss in argumentative papers. Yet, if you want to single out with your essay on current issues, we advise you to think of some more creative approaches to writing.
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English Literature Essays: Secrets of Coming up with the Best Idea

April 16th, 2010

essay english literatureComing up with fascinating topic ideas is one of the biggest challenges almost for all students who have to write English literature essays. Very often, students end up in “beating a dead horse” when the final idea they have for English literature essays is something like “Symbolism in Hamlet”.
If you do not want to bore a teacher to death with your essays on English literature, try these simple strategies described below. Good topic ideas are closer than you think.
Interesting vs. challenging
Bet you have heard hundreds of times that the topic of your essay on English literature should be interesting to you. While it is really so, we suggest you try a bit different thing. Choose a topic that not only interests but also challenges you. Are there some aspects about the assigned/chosen literary work that you do not get? Do you have some questions? Develop one of these ideas in your essay on English literature.
Say “no” to literary critics
Probably, this will sound a bit strange, but we do not recommend you start your work with reading critical comments on the book or free English literature essays written by other students. You will immediately hit upon others’ interpretations of the work. Remember that the teacher expects to find some fresh, unique ideas in your essay on English literature.
Start writing while reading
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Essays on Hard Work: Are You Ready to Work Hard?

February 28th, 2010

essay on hard work

“You don’t get something for nothing
You can’t have freedom for free.”

Neil Peart
“If hard work were really a virtue, then mules would be saints.”
James Dee Richardson

Well, obviously people have different opinions on hard work and on whether it is the main key to success in life. We are sure you have own position on the matter and are ready to introduce it in your essay on hard work.
By the way, preparing a good essay on hard work will not take you too much time and efforts. If you come up with a good idea, the writing process will be smooth and exciting.
Let us share several ideas with you that will help you write an excellent essay on hard work.
Essays on hard work: idea 1
Is hard work a key to success? You can try to answer the question that bothers so many people. Do only hard working people achieve success? What factors except hard work may influence success? What if a person works hard but still does not see results he/she strives for?
Essays on hard work: idea 2
Work hard, but party harder – this is a kind of motto that some people have. What do you think about it? Does it make any sense for you? Does it mean that if a person works hard, he/she also deserves to have a good rest? Answer these questions in your essay on hardwork.
Essays on hard work: idea 3
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Origami Essays: Things to Consider in Your Paper

November 27th, 2009

origami essaysAt a glance, it sounds so simple. Origamies are paper figures that are made without using glue or cutting paper. Yet, for people who know origami better, it is a real art, and those figures are masterpieces.
You have to prepare an origami essay, which gives you a perfect opportunity to learn more about this Japanese tradition. By the way, before you get down to writing your origami essay, try to make your own origami. You will see that it is not so easy and requires patience and some time.
Anyway, your main concern at the moment is your origami essay, and you have to think of the ways to make it informative and catchy. Below, we offer things you may consider in your origami essay.
Origins of origami
Traditionally, it is believed that origami originates from Japan. However, in fact, this tradition emerged in China much earlier than in Japan. Paperfolding was also rather popular in Spain and Germany. Thus, you have enough space for investigation when working on your origami essay.
A famous legend
Good origami essays will be incomplete without mentioning a legend about the Japanese girl Sadako Sasaki. The legend explains why a crane is one of the most popular figures. Find out what this story is all about and briefly tell it in your origami essay.
Action origami
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Great White Shark Essays: Things to Cover in Your Paper

November 6th, 2009

great white shark essayIt seems that there is no other creature in the ocean more feared than the great white shark. We hear so many terrible stories about shark attacks, see movies where sharks are always “bad guys” who kill people and other ocean creatures.
By the way, you may want to make your great white shark essay basing on one of the movies. However, investigating various real-life aspects about this creature will be far more exciting. It will also be one of the brilliant Biology research paper topics.
We will help you by presenting several ways to complete your great white shark papers.
Great white shark essays: talking about its appearance
Your great white shark essay can be done as some sort of “instructions for tourists on how to spot the great white shark”. Include descriptions of the following parts of the great white shark:

  • the dorsal fin, which can be seen up to 3 feet above the water;
  • a long conical snout that helps a shark to swim really fast;
  • hundreds of sharp teeth that are lined in several rows;
  • a grey back that makes a shark invisible form the top;
  • a white belly, which is, actually, the main feature of the great white.

Great white shark essays: talking about its behavior
If you want to study behavior and some habits of the great white shark, we suggest you investigate in your great white shark essay how a shark protects itself.
Tell about shark’s enemies: a swordfish, an octopus, sea snakes, sea lions, a group of dolphins, and definitely humans. Explain in your great white shark essay how sharks protect themselves: swim away quickly (for about 22 miles/hour), lie motionless on the bottom of the ocean.
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Personal Response Essays: What Do You Think about This Text?

October 30th, 2009

personal response essayA personal response essay is a common college assignment, usually for a writing course for beginners.
A personal response essay is quite a short paper (1-4 pages long) in which a student has to analyze and express his/her opinion about a certain reading. It is a really useful kind of work because:

  • it teaches to understand what you read;
  • it helps to develop your analytical thinking;
  • it helps to develop an ability to express your thoughts, impressions, and feelings in the written form.

These are particular steps to take in order to prepare good personal response papers.
Personal response essays: step 1
Read the text for the first time. If you do not get something, do not worry. First, understand the overall idea of the text. After you finish reading, sit for a while and think how the text makes you feel.
Personal response essays: step 2
Start reading the text for the second time. Now, you will have to make some notes. This will be useful to talk about in your personal response essay:

  • feelings and emotions that the text calls in you;
  • points that you agree and disagree with;
  • things that make or do not make sense from your point of view.

Personal response essays: step 3
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Why Submit Essays for Money

June 22nd, 2009

submit essays for moneyTo shatter the myth about piles of money earned after one submits essays for money, we offer you both pluses and minuses of the process based on the experience of one of the students who decided to get involved. He was new to it, just as you are right now. After you read his notes and impressions, you will decide whether it is worth to submit essays for money.
Submit Essays for Money. Impressions
“I definitely needed some cash. And since I had a certain amount of essay papers piled in my computer and binder, I decided to submit essays for money”.
“What? They accept only original works??? Well, I will get rid of half of my papers and sell the rest”.
“They want my papers to be used as a resource for other scholars? These things even I doubt calling good essays? This is embarrassing”.
“Well, who cares if they use them as a resource for other scholars. I still submit essays for money and get extra cash”.
“It turns out they can break my works into parts and sell in any format. Great. It means I will get more money!”
“No, I won’t…”
“Who cares. I am just going to submit the same essays for money to another websites and get a double value”.
“Apparently, these folks do not like it when I cheat while submitting essays for money. They refuse to pay for a paper that has already been submitted somewhere else. I have to be more attentive next time. This resource pays more for original writing. I will go here once I write some extra essays”.
“Did somebody promise me tons of cash after I submit essays for money? I mean – tons? Show me that person!”
So, what do you think about submitting essays for money?

College Level Essays: Basic Principles of Writing

June 9th, 2009

college level essaysVery soon, you are going to enter a new stage of your life, college life. You will face the first challenges, advantages of being a student and your first college level essays. At a glance, they will look like those papers you used to write in high school. Your grades for written assignments were good. This is why you will use the same techniques and methods when writing college level essays.
Yet, after a while, you will realize that those techniques do not work for college level essays. Grades will not meet your expectations.
What we are talking about is that college students have to meet much higher standards, and this also refers to college level essay writing. That is why let us help you a bit and present some basic principles of writing college level essays.
Always make sure you understand tasks
College level essays are written on a great variety of topics that require using particular writing styles. If you do not understand your task, you will not be able to use the right style or type of essay. By the way, we recommend you check once again what argumentative, persuasive, analytical, and some other types of essays are about.
Conduct research before you start writing college level essays
Your high school papers could be based on class notes, your own experience or knowledge gained during class discussions. Unfortunately, this will not be enough to prepare a good college level essay. Researching your topics is absolutely necessary.
Make outlines for college level essays
In fact, this rule also works for high school assignments, but we know that many students neglect it. Well, it will be a big mistake of yours in college.
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Reflexive Essays vs. Reflective Essays

June 1st, 2009

reflexive essayRecently, we have heard debates between two students. They were arguing about reflective and reflexive essays and could not decide whether these two essay types mean the same.
Do not remember what they finally came up to, but we can tell you for sure that reflective essays and reflexive essays are used interchangeably, which confuses students.
Anyway, now you do not have to think whether you have understood the task correctly, since your teacher wants you to write a reflexive essay. And we are going to discuss some basic principles of writing reflexive essays.
The gist of writing reflexive essays
Your mission is not that complicated indeed. All you have to do is reflect on one of your experiences. It can be whatever comes to your mind, e.g.:

  • A meeting with a person who affected you greatly;
  • A day when you heard someone saying “I love you!” for the first time;
  • A day when you felt really miserable, etc.

Do not panic if you have absolutely no ideas for your reflexive essay. In this case, students just write about their academic experiences like some experience of taking a certain course.
The main rule one should keep in mind when writing a reflexive essay
This rule boils down to the fact that a good reflexive essay should include not only details about your experience.
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