Dissertation Literature Review Format: Synthesis and Analysis

November 6th, 2012

Writing a literature review is an indispensible element of any academic work larger than an essay for a couple of pages. The main principle of writing the dissertation literature review is thus to involve the reader in the body of research dedicated to the dissertation topic. The main task of the writer of a literature review in a dissertation is to provide the sufficient basis for further ideas and conclusions aimed at being produced in the dissertation. The majority of supervisors mentoring the dissertation writing process emphasize the fact that the review should be devoid of any personal opinion or judgment. However, it is mostly hard for the writer to compose a piece of literary analysis without underlying the significance of those findings for the larger context of the academic work. Hence, the present article will teach students the balance in the literature review in a dissertation.
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Dissertation Research Grants: In the Quests of Potential Awards

October 6th, 2011

Dissertation research grants are one of the methods to encourage talented students to study further and make incredible discoveries in different academic fields. Moreover, in order to gain a dissertation research grant students have to win the competition, which is a great challenge helping students to gain experience and knowledge. After all, dissertation research grants impel students to fight for the right to be recognized and to be promoted.
Definition of a dissertation research grant
A dissertation research grant is an academic award provided to students who have demonstrated invaluable achievements in a particular scientific field and have contributed significantly to the development of science in general. Such academic grants can also serve as salient incentives for those who have no other ways to get a financial support for education.
How to become a potential candidate for a dissertation research grant?

  1. In order to deserve a dissertation research grant, it is first necessary to create an interesting and even shocking idea for your future scientific paper. This will be the starting point on the way to your dream.
  2. The second step that should be taken is choosing the methods and techniques for conducting your research. Here, you have to reach a compromise between qualitative and quantitative approaches because this equilibrium is a step up to obtaining a dissertation research grant.
  3. Finally, you should be sure that your scientific work has a solid support presented by peer-reviewed articles and credible researches. Otherwise, your chance to obtain a dissertation research grant will be reduced to zero.

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Dissertation Architecture: Must-Know Tips to Make Them Strong

September 8th, 2011

Dissertation architecture must be written with great attention and concentration. Unless, students put some real effort, it is not possible to write high quality architecture dissertation. It is must to have clear knowledge about how to write such dissertations.
When writing dissertation architecture, it is necessary to analyze a topic carefully. This article aims to give useful ideas regarding dissertation architecture.
Dissertation architecture: Things to consider
When writing architecture dissertation, students must remember the following things:

  1. It is better to consider one of the features of old or contemporary architecture.
  2. It will be interesting and effective to write this type of dissertation only if students are ready to spend more time.
  3. A good topic selection and careful research are the primary requirements need for writing effective dissertation.

Dissertation architecture: Some tips to consider
In order to write great dissertation architecture, students can consider the following tips:

  1. It is best to explain the extent, reasons and the way to improve certain aspects of architecture being discussed in the dissertation.
  2. It is must to know complete details about the rules and regulations for writing such dissertation.
  3. It is must to know complete details about the structure and format for writing such dissertation.

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Dissertation Management: How to Handle the Work Properly

September 1st, 2011

The process of dissertations writing creates a lot of challenges for students to overcome. The main difficulties that might occur while managing dissertations are narrowed to the problem of time and space. In particular, students are often confused with the terms within which they should deliver their scientific papers.
Therefore, do not rush chaotically from one library to another in the quest of necessary materials. Calm down and take a deep breath as this process cannot be carried out in a hurry. This is why dissertation management is an inherent condition to succeed in writing.
What are the benefits of dissertation management?
Student life is always imbued with different activities and events. They are often involved in different competitions, conferences, and meeting. After all, they meet with friends and have a rest to regain their strength for new adventures. This is why students value every second of their time which should be properly scheduled in case they want to cope with dissertation management. Indeed, dissertation management allows students to find out some extra time for rest and entertainment.
What does dissertation management include?

  1. Dissertation management involves the consideration of the main sections of a dissertation. A mere enumeration of those will help student avoid misconceptions.
  2. The next stage of dissertation management includes the analysis of facts that should be collected beforehand.
  3. Further, dissertation management provides ideas on how theoretical knowledge can be applied in practice.
  4. Finally, dissertation management contributes to a better comprehension of a topic.

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Digital Dissertations: The New Word in Dissertation Publishing

August 25th, 2011

When writing dissertations, students look for different sources of help that can simplify their task. What about past years dissertations – have you already tried to work with them? Nowadays, it has become quite simple: learn more about digital dissertations and their advantages.
The Internet has brought significant changes to all fields of our lives, and, fortunately, dissertation publishing is not an exception. Instead of printed and bound copies of dissertations, we now have an opportunity to work with their digital dissertations, which turns out to be much more convenient.
Digital dissertations are:
Easy to publish. You just submit your work to the digital dissertation database and avoid complicated procedures of publishing a dissertation in the form of a book or a journal article which are quite exhausting.
Easy to find. How many printed past years dissertations have you worked with in your local library? With digital dissertation databases, you have an opportunity to get familiarized with thousands digital dissertations devoted to study of a subject that interests you.
Analogically, when you have your dissertation written and defended, you will be probably glad if other researchers will work with your paper when doing their investigations. With digital dissertation databases, your dissertation will be read by other researchers – your efforts will not be in vain!
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Dissertation Layout Example: Learn How It Should Look Like

March 11th, 2011

Before starting to write your dissertation, you need to find a dissertation layout example to have a general idea of how a dissertation should be structured. If you have already written your PhD paper, a dissertation layout example will serve you as a checklist.

It will help you to make sure that your dissertation has all the obligatory sections in addition to those that are required by your topic. This is why it is important to find a good dissertation layout example anyway.

What should a dissertation layout example look like?

As already mentioned, it is better to use the dissertation layout example before you begin writing your paper. In this case, it will be easier for you to plan which chapters your dissertation will have and how you are going to disclose your topic. Therefore, there are several sections that any good dissertation layout example will offer you to have in your paper:

  • Any dissertation should start with a title page. Irrespective of the dissertation layout example you use, your dissertation should have a title page that will present the title of your paper, your name, your instructor’s name, etc.
  • Do not forget about acknowledgements. Thank those who helped you with your dissertation (perhaps, even those who provided you with a dissertation layout example).
  • This should be followed by a table of contents. This section will help the reader to look for specific information in your dissertation.
  • Abstract. This little section is an overview of your work.
  • Dissertation proposal.
  • Literature review.
  • Methodology section.
  • Conclusion.

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Dissertation on Finance: Hints on Choosing a Good Topic

February 25th, 2011

Developing a topic for your dissertation on finance is a very responsible task. The practice shows that a half of a student’s success in writing a dissertation is defined by choosing a god topic. In this article, we summarize some principles of choosing topics for a dissertation on finance.
Remember that your dissertation on finance should contribute to scholar knowledge. That is why it is necessary to choose a topic that allows working in theoretical dimension. Thus, do not focus on a single case study or a practical matter that would rather become a subject of some financial project than of a dissertation on finance.
The process of topic development begins with choosing a subject area. These fields are often chosen for writing dissertations on finance:

  • Banking
  • Taxes and taxation systems
  • Currency rate
  • Financial management
  • Budget
  • International finance
  • Inflation
  • Derivative instruments
  • Stock exchange
  • Financial investment
  • Personal finance
  • Risk managements et al

For your dissertation on finance, choose a field that:

  1. You are good at
  2. You are interested in
  3. Is relevant to your career plans.

Then, you need to develop a narrow topic. You should develop a question that you will answer in your dissertation on finance. You can use the following sources of ideas for your dissertation on finance:
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Grants for Dissertation: A Delineation of the Process

January 14th, 2011

Dissertation grants are rewards awarded to individuals who conduct research and write a dissertation that is current and relevant to a particular issue affecting a company or organization. The rewards given can be in form of cash or in form of scholarships.
Most of the individuals who win the dissertation grants are often interned into the respective organization and subsequently hired or promoted if they are already working with the organization. Grants for dissertation are normally competitive in nature and may be announced through the media or through a company’s website or internally though a memo.
There are some basic standards one should satisfy in order to participate in a dissertation grant competition and they include;

  1. Being a citizen of a particular country
  2. Must be a permanent resident
  3. Must be working with an institution within the country
  4. Should be an advance doctorate student or a qualified doctorate

The period for dissertation grant research is normally between 3 months to one year and within this period, researchers are expected to write a dissertation that outlines the specified problems, provide evidence of the extent of the problem and offer solutions to the problems.
Companies will normally assess the submitted dissertations and decide on a winner of the dissertation grant based on the intensity and comprehensiveness of the research, accurate analysis and practical recommendations. The researcher who satisfies all these qualities is announced as the overall winner and received the dissertation grant.
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Points to Discuss about Dissertation Examples

December 24th, 2010

Dissertation writing can be difficult for some students, especially beginners. Such students can learn the method of writing a dissertation using dissertation examples. The sample dissertations help students to understand the pattern of writing a dissertation assignment easily rather than just referring the guidelines offered by professors.
Dissertation examples provide practical illustration of dissertation. They help the students struggling with a long list of dissertation guidelines to easily understand the proposed steps for writing a dissertation. But it is wise for a student to use examples of dissertation that employs the same format and structure as a template for their dissertation.
Dissertation examples: How useful it is?
A perfect dissertation example helps the students in the following ways:

  • Provides clear idea of the steps for writing any dissertation.
  • Provides the structure and formatting style guidelines.
  • Provides the necessary confidence to write any dissertation.
  • Develops the student’s skill for writing dissertations.
  • Useful as template for writing the dissertation.
  • Provides new ideas for writing a dissertation.

Dissertation examples: Points to consider when using it
Students must consider the following points when using a dissertation example:

  • Students must not copy anything from an example dissertation. If they do so, they will be easily caught for plagiarism.
  • Students must not blindly follow the example dissertation for writing their dissertation. But they must write their dissertation only according to the requirements of their universities.

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Dissertation Reports

October 23rd, 2009

dissertation reportThe dissertation reports summarize the ideas of the dissertations. The dissertation reports are normally presented to the members of the committee of the dissertation defense, or may be published in some scientific magazines, or almanacs, overviews and so on.
Normally, the dissertation reports are limited to no more than a thousand and a half of words. However, the limits are not restricted. You are allowed to make your dissertation report a little shorter or maybe a little longer. Just try not to run to extremes.
Let us tell you some important facts about the dissertation reports structure. At first place, the dissertation report should state precisely and clearly the topic and the purposes of your dissertation.
Further you should give a bit of background info on the topic (the most significant points and results of someone else’s researches on related topics) in your dissertation report. You need to mention only the most significant points of the previous researches in your dissertation report.
Later on describe the methods of research and the tools which you have used for conducting your dissertation research.
In the end, you will have to point out your discoveries which seem to you to be the most significant and special. Remember that all the dissertation reports have a task to impress the committee, so try to reach this goal.
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