Parts of an Economics Coursework

May 10th, 2010

economics courseworkCourseworks on economics, as any another coursework, has to contain some obligatory parts to be graded highly. So, if you want to prepare a really good economics coursework, make sure it includes the following parts:
Economics coursework: Title page
It is the front page of your economics coursework, where you should present the following information:

  • the title of your economics coursework
  • your name
  • the name of your class
  • your tutor’s name
  • the date of submission

Do not forget that the title page of your coursework on economics should be designed according to the assigned writing style.
Economics coursework: Introduction
This part of your economics coursework should contain the following components:

  • the topic of your coursework on economics;
  • reasons for choosing this particular topic;
  • explanations of the importance of studying and researching it;
  • goals of your coursework on economics;
  • tasks which are necessary to complete to achieve these goals;
  • background info on the topic.

Economics coursework: Main body
The main body of the economics coursework is about your research. Here, you need to describe your research explicitly, talking about the chosen methods of research, tools used, difficulties you faced, etc.
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Resistant Materials Coursework Writing Tips

April 30th, 2010

resistant materials courseworkYou are tired and feel depressed, since your resistant materials coursework is due tomorrow and you have not started writing it yet. The Internet is your last chance to be rescued. Such situation is rather familiar to quite a number of students who have to prepare resistant materials courseworks and tend to procrastinate!
You are lucky, since you have found this article that contains interesting resistant materials coursework tips written specially for you! It is not an easy thing to find appropriate resistant materials coursework help. Still, here it is, free and specially for you!
First, before the very process of writing the resistant materials coursework starts, you need to do two things:

  • Find and study the requirements for writing resistant materials courseworks set by your teacher.
  • Conduct research to analyze the nature of resistant materials properly.

After you get a general idea of the topic you should disclose, it is time to get down to work! Make sure that your resistant materials coursework is devoted to a narrow topic you are able to disclose fully. It should be presented on the title page of the resistant materials coursework.
Then, it is necessary to make a plan of your resistant materials coursework. As a rule, it is an introduction (with a clear and precise thesis statement), the main body (with three chapters – background information, evaluation of the chosen problem, and results of research) and a concluding part (with the results of the work done).
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GCSE Maths Course Works: Points to Consider

January 22nd, 2010

GCSE Maths course workMaths is a discipline that deals with numbers, structures, quantities, and space. It is good if you are one of those who admires and loves this study! In this case, writing GCSE Maths course work will not be that difficult!
However, not every student is good at calculations and cannot say for sure that Maths is his/her favorite subject. This is why such students may face plenty of difficulties while writing GCSE Maths course works!
In this article, you will find several ideas on how to successfully complete GCSE Maths course works. Consider them to make your work easier and even interesting!
Be ready to plan your time!
When you only think of writing GCSE Maths coursework, weigh all pros and cons! Consider your interests and level of knowledge. Choose a topic for your GCSE Mathematics coursework and think how to disclose it properly! Evaluate how much time is needed to complete the assignment.
Do not make hasty decisions!
Students have a habit to do everything quickly, without thinking about the consequences. GCSE Maths course work is a very important assignment. The results of your work will influence the final grade on your exam. So, think over each of your steps!
Gather material from different sources!
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AQA Coursework Writing

December 30th, 2009

AQA courseworkAQA coursework is an academic work, which is considered to be especially important. Almost all of the students – one day or another – are required to compose their AQA courseworks. However, the AQA coursework writing process is a great deal complicated. That is why we want to provide you with some help, giving several the most essential tips for AQA coursework writing.
You should think over a topic for your future AQA coursework very well. If some particular topic is offered by your advisor, you should do everything possible to investigate it far and wide. If the topic is too complicated, or you do not feel like researching it, you may ask your AQA coursework advisor to change it. He or she is more likely to agree if you explain your desire to change your AQA coursework topic quite logically.
Find sources of background material needed to highlight the topic of your AQA coursework properly. You should look through all available textbooks and sources. No doubt, your advisor knows much more on the topic than you do, so go ahead and ask him/her where you should look for necessary material.
Make an outline of your AQA coursework. Compose your future AQA coursework parts and describe their approximate content.
Compose a list of bibliography sources you used to write your coursework.
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Citizenship Coursework

August 3rd, 2009

Citizenship courseworkAs any other kind of courseworks, the coursework on Citizenship is required to contain particular parts. These parts are to include some definite components. In this article we are going to tell you what these parts are, and what their components are.
The cover page will contain:

  • the title;
  • your name and last name;
  • the full name of the class;
  • the last name of the supervisor or instructor;
  • the date of submission;
  • the illustration (optional);
  • other components depend on the writing style which is applied to the coursework.

The Citizenship coursework introduction:

  • the title of the Citizenship coursework topic, its definition and explanation;
  • the author’s motivation of his or her choice of the citizenship coursework topic;
  • what purposes the author persuades when writing the coursework on Citizenship on this particular topic;
  • what tasks the author is to complete in order to succeed in his/her writing.

The main body of the coursework on Citizenship:

  • the summary of the prior researches on the similar topics;
  • the description of the research conducted;
  • discovering the topic of the coursework.

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Things You Did Not Know about IGCSE Coursework

February 18th, 2009

IGCSE courseworksDo you want to get the International GCSE qualification? Well, it is a good choice indeed, since this qualification offers great further academic opportunities. What is more, the IGCSE qualification is recognized not only in the UK but also in many other countries worldwide.
Do you know what the most attractive feature of IGCSE is? The qualification is provided in two formats: with and without a coursework. So, you are free to choose, and certainly, the great majority of students prefer not to write IGCSE courseworks.
The reason for that is very simple. Completing IGCSE courseworks is a serious and rather difficult undertaking. Such projects should be based on experiments, reliable data, your own ideas, etc.
Anyway, you think that IGCSE coursework writing is what you can cope with. Fine, we are glad that you are so confident about your knowledge and abilities. Then, you will definitely find out tips for writing IGCSE courseworks much helpful.

  1. IGCSE courseworks can cover a great variety of subjects. You can choose from about 70 subjects.
  2. Requirements for completing your IGCSE coursework vary, depending on its subject. Still, every student should demonstrate some basic skills: deep knowledge and understanding of a subject; ability to search for and analyze different types of sources; analytical thinking.
  3. Besides, you should demonstrate in the IGCSE coursework some other abilities of yours. So, make sure you:
    • Identify the main problem of your paper;
    • Analyze primary and secondary sources;
    • Implement all the steps planned;
    • Evaluate your own objectives, weak points, etc.

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Power Keys to A2 Biology Coursework Writing

February 10th, 2009

A2 Biology courseworkFor some students, A2 Biology coursework writing is one of the most boring and difficult tasks. Unfortunately, this assignment cannot be avoided, as it makes 50% of your final grade on Biology. However, it is possible to turn A2 Biology coursework writing into an interesting task. How? Read about it in this article.
Choose the most interesting topic
Probably, you will not be that much surprised, but an interesting topic is what makes the writing process exciting. What is more, an interesting A2 Biology coursework topic is what will help you stay motivated and aim to improve your paper. We advise you to answer the following questions when choosing a topic for your A2 Biology coursework:

  • What book/scientific journal have you recently read? Choose a topic that impressed you most of all.
  • What was the topic of the report for Biology class that you defended successfully? Turn the title of that report into the topic of your A2 Biology coursework.

Find the most interesting facts
Are you bored with analyzing data, reviewing literature, etc.? Then, surf the Web to find some interesting information related to the field of Biology. You may include these facts into your A2 Biology coursework in order make it informative. For example, did you know that:

  • Butterflies taste with their feet?
  • Elephants are the only animals that cannot jump?
  • An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain?

We would also like to remind you that every fact you want to include into your A2 Biology coursework should be relevant to the chosen topic.
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A Level Biology Coursework: Make Use of Examples

January 15th, 2009

biology courseworkYou have to complete another exciting assignment, write an A-Level Biology coursework. Do you have any ideas to start with? Have you already thought about the ways of conducting research and presenting results?
Well, you should not worry if none of the mentioned above is ready. The only thing that can help you right now is a good A-Level Biology coursework example.
When students lack ideas to present in their projects, the first thing they try to find is a good example.
In this article, we will discuss those places where you can find proper A-Level Biology coursework examples and how you can use them to prepare a good project.
A-Level Biology coursework examples from a coursework database
A coursework database is probably the first place that students in search of good A-Level Biology coursework examples visit. All you need to do in order to find an A level biology coursework example is to enter the following key words:

  • The theme of a work;
  • The author’s name;
  • The name of a course;
  • The date of publishing.

When you find appropriate A-Level Biology courseworks, do not hurry up to copy/paste some of the information, data, etc. Read everything carefully and make sure this is what you really need. Pay attention to the ideas, structure, and style of writing. Plagiarism is not welcome! Read the rest of this entry »

Recipe for Writing a Successful Biology Coursework

November 20th, 2008

Biology courseworkOwn drive for improvement is a good quality. So, if you want to be the best and prepare a high quality Biology coursework, good for you! What you need now is a reliable recipe for writing a successful Biology coursework. Well, we are glad to provide it!

  • Pick out a topic corresponding to your level of knowledge
  • Do not set unachievable goals. Otherwise, you will waste your time and lose motivation. Choose the topic you are knowledgeable about. Though, do not forget that your Biology coursework topic should correspond to your academic level.

  • Plan your time
  • Postponing written assignments is rather a common phenomenon among students. As a result, they spend sleepless nights completing their tasks. Is the situation familiar to you? How many times did you promise yourself to accomplish tasks on time? Then probably it is high time to start writing your Biology coursework. Anyway, our strong advice is to plan your time in order not to face problems.

  • Work on the Biology coursework regularly
  • Do not wait until you get the necessary mood for writing your Biology coursework. You can wait forever. Fight your laziness: just start writing something, and worthwhile ideas will definitely come. Be ready to do it on a regular basis if you want your Biology coursework to be successful.

  • Always be interested in what you are doing
  • There are so many interesting things about Biology and discoveries made in this filed you do not know yet! What if you follow recent news and show your awareness of all the findings in the Biology coursework? It can enhance your chances to succeed in preparing an A+ Biology coursework greatly!

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Useful Tips for A Level Physics Coursework Writing

November 19th, 2008

A level Physics courseworkIs your Advanced Level course about to end? Are you trying to recollect everything learnt? Then consider the following facts:

  • Drinking more water helps your brain stay focused, think faster, and remember more.
  • Exercise sends oxygen to your brain – improving memory, reasoning skills, and concentrating.
  • Fish rich in omega-3s, like salmon, can improve brain function.

Did it help you relax? Now you have to start working on your A level Physics coursework? Go ahead “absorbing” useful info on A level Physics coursework writing like a sponge absorbs water!
First and foremost, let us remind you of the fields of Physics that your A level Physics coursework may relate to:

  • Electrical and Thermal Physics;
  • Fields and Forces;
  • Mechanics and Radioactivity;
  • Microscopes and Lenses;
  • Modern Physics;
  • Waves and Cosmology.

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