Writing a Reaction Paper: Fascinating Ways to Express Your Ideas

The time to express your own opinion has come!
That’s what writing a reaction paper is all about. Relax, enjoy the event or artwork, and get ready to offer your idea of what you’ve just seen!

Writing a Reaction Paper: Remember All the Crucial Constituents!

Pick three words to describe analytical paper writing?
Boring, tedious, uninspiring.
Now pick three words to describe reaction paper writing!
Splendid, fantastic, engaging, fruitful, enticing, thrilling… Whoa, hold it! There’s definitely that certain something about this kind of writing…
Now let’s see what this paper is made of!
Let’s take a close look at these elements:

    The Summary

    • Who/what are you writing about?
    • What is the main theme?
    • What are the main facts?

    The Analysis

    • What is your opinion about the issue?
    • What are your key arguments?
    • What is the conflict?
    • What are the probable solutions?

    The Reaction

    • How do you feel about the issue in question?
    • Do you think that the author is right?
    • What ideas would you like to share?

Well, that was great, and how about tips and how-tos?
Hold on a second – that’s going to be a bit different from what online surfers call a “how to an essay” and “how to a research paper” guides. Let’s dive right into it!

Writing a Reaction Paper and Other Works: Important Differences.

Here’s a clue for you: check this table! It’ll definitely help you understand everything about writing an essay, what to write in a report, what a research paper is, how to write a paper of any other sort. What’s more, you’ll understand the difference between reaction paper writing and other genres!
Type of Assignment

How an essay is made How research paper is made How a report is made How a reaction paper is made
  • Introduction;
  • Thesis statement;
  • Analysis/ Description;
  • Conclusion.
  • Introduction;
  • Thesis statement;
  • Facts and hypotheses;
  • Analysis;
  • Results;
  • Conclusion.
  • Introduction;
  • Summary;
  • Thesis statement;
  • Key facts;
  • Main results;
  • Comments;
  • Conclusion.
  • Introduction;
  • Thesis statement;
  • Key facts;
  • Impressions;
  • Ideas;
  • Conclusion.
Usually has a 5-paragraph structure. Demands conducting original research and getting unique results.Does not require a personal opinion. Includes the writer’s impressions about something.
… can have a specific purpose (description, comparison, analysis, etc.). … is based on a solid theoretical foundation. … provides the summary of certain events/ results. … involves your personal impressions about a certain issue.

reaction-paperAnd of course Similarities:

  1. Require thorough analysis;
  2. Have specific structures;
  3. Require a thesis statement.

Now you don’t have to ask, “How do you write a paper?” – all secrets are revealed here!

Writing a Reaction Paper: Consider a Great and Original Example!

Reaction Paper on Romeo and Juliet
The sad story of Romeo and Juliet must be the most famous romantic poem ever. Inspiring many other writers and poets, it touches the heartstrings of any reader. Because of its enthralling and at the same time well-paced storyline, vivid characters and tense scenes, it still makes the audience gasp in awe even when they know the story already.
Telling the audience the story of two young people falling in love, yet separated by the powerful conflict between Montague and Capulet families.
What I find most thrilling is the way the two intense feelings are intertwined, namely, the all-consuming hatred of the two families and the fragile love of the lead characters.
Even though the plot has been used in a number of other plays, poems and novels, the atmosphere of Romeo and Juliet is still genuine and original.
Another peculiar detail is the duality of the poem; split into delightful scenes of bliss and those of mournful tragedy, the poem shatters the reader’s world to pieces. A second-to-none-masterpiece of the genial poet that was Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet will always remain a classic tragedy.
Congratulations – now you know everything about reaction paper writing; what’s more, you know that writing a paper on impressions is fun!
That’s all, folks!

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