Education in Africa: Problems, Solutions, Statistics: Read Now!

education-in-AfricaGet ready for a travel to the exotic world! This time, you’re heading straight to Africa!
“Writing about education in Africa? No way, that’s hard and boring!” some might say. It’s time to bust this myth: “Writing about the place of Africa in education system of the world is fun!” experts in writing will say. And here’s some solid proof for that!
“What is education, then?” you will ask.
“Education is the process of acquiring knowledge.” And, now that you know everything you need, let’s start. Ready, steady… Go!

Education in Africa: Everything That You’ve Ever Wanted to Know.

Now let’s dive right into the African oasis and learn what’s going on in African schools right now.
 Whenever you search for “education in Africa statistics” online, remember these hints:
Education in Africa Today

Type of education What’s up: However…
  • Solid improvements are being observed;
  • Development is boosted;
  • Children learn essential subjects.
  • Girls still don’t have many chances to be educated;
  • Schools lack numerous facilities.
Developed thanks to political and cultural innovations;
Suggestions for educational games
  • Students’ rates increased from 40% to 60,6%;
  • Students get professional skills;
  • Students train their new skills and learn how to apply them.
  • Still needs great improvement;
  • Needs much financing;
  • Needs more professional teachers.
Blade Nzimande (Training Minister) promises to boost further education progress.
  • Scholars can study for up to doctorate degrees and then pursue further careers in research or industry;
  • Scholars can conduct research on a larger scale.
  • Most of the required equipment for adult education is still missing;
  • There’s very little coordination with Europe and the international community.
Association of African Universities bridges Europe, USA and Africa.

That’s how it goes – split the search term “education in Africa facts” in pieces and arrange them to get a perfect paper on Africa and education in Africa!

Education in Africa: Topical Problems and Concerns to Research.

Now that you’re done learning about recent improvements, let’s see what keeps the education in Africa in general and education in South Africa in particular in the rear. Mention these issues in your paper!
Actually, education issues in Africa remind a lot the famous nursery rhyme, This Is the House That Jack Built. Check this diagram:
To put it simpler:
Africa-in-educationBecause of the quality of education, the quality of medical service is dissatisfying.
That impacts the state of health nationwide, causing serious problems.
That means that the government is preoccupied with health issues.
That means the government doesn’t have enough money.
That causes numerous financial issues.
That result in a lack of professional teachers.
And that leads to the low quality of education.
The circuit is complete. It really is quite much like This Is the House That Jack Built, isn’t it? However, it’s just as easy to remember. Now, think of these problems and offer the education Africa deserves.

Education in Africa: Existing Solutions and Possible Suggestions

Well, you’ve nailed down the main concerns. The paper is good.
Now it’s time to make it perfect.
Let’s offer some really splendid solutions for the African problems! You can mention in your paper that possible solutions include…

  1. Liberalizing African economy;
  2. Giving some room for private entrepreneurship;
  3. Creating specific courses for African students;
  4. Initiate study abroad programs to share experience…

All of the above must be of some help. Think of what else to include in this list – perhaps, you’ll get some brilliant and even revolutionary ideas! Whenever you write about higher education in Africa or African middle schools, keep in mind these tips.

Education in Africa: Final Recommendations for Writing Papers.

Well, you’re almost there. Let’s add some final touches and make it completely perfect!

  • Try to be as politically correct as you can;
  • Take into account the specifics of African culture;
  • When conducting analysis, offer examples (books, video sources, etc.);
  • Mention existing language issues (bilingualism, complex issues with English, etc.)

Ta-da! Reach out for a fantastic paper on a proper system of education for Africa – it’s only a step away. Good luck!

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