Zoot Suit Essay: The Latest Fashion, Bad Taste or Rebel?

Sometimes teachers are very inventive when it deals with writing tasks. For instance, some young people become frustrated when they get the task to write zoot suit essay.
In fact, there is no reason for such negative emotions. There plenty of topics for your paper.

  1. In your zoot suit essay you may try to define what the etymology of the word “zoot” is. Is it mispronunciation? Perhaps, there is some other meaning in this word?
  2. It is also possible to explain what the zoot suit is in your zoot suit essay.
  3. It can be interesting to include in your zoot suit essay some opinions as for the comfort of this clothing. Was it cozy at all?
  4. In your zoot suit essay you can consider the history of this clothing creation? Who designed it? You can mention Louis Lettes in your zoot suit essay.
  5. It can be very interesting to consider the historic events which could cause these suits creation. What was fashionable at those times? Were zoot suits popular?
  6. Your zoot suit essay can focus on those who wore such cloth. Did they want to be different? Was it some kind of rebel against something?
  7. Your zoot suit essay can be concerned with the public reaction. What did Americans think about these suits?
  8. If you like watching cartoons, you may consider some of them in terms of your zoot suit essay. For examples, a lot of Tom and Jerry series employ the image of such suits. What effect does it cause?
  9. Apart from cartoons you may analyze many old movies where men in such suits appear.

You can also devote your zoot suit essay to fashion issues. For example, do you think such suits will be popular someday?

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