Essays about Life: Some Topic Ideas and Hints on Writing

What can be more interesting than writing about life? Essays about life give students the opportunity to share their world-view and opinion on different things. We provide some hints on writing essays about life and sample topics for them in this article.
Essays about Life: Essay Types
There are different types of essays: descriptive, narrative, reflection, definition argumentative… Probably, you have already faced all or at least some of them.
As a rule, essays about life are:

  • Reflection: you tell about your life experience connected with the topic of your essay about life
  • Argumentative: you develop a statement about life and support it with arguments.

In your essay about life, you can successfully combine the elements of these two essay types: having formulated a statement, you can support it with analysis of your experience.
Essays about Life: Topics
There are a really great number of topics that you can choose for your essay about life. We will offer you some examples of topics for essays about life that you may use in your writing:

  • Essays about life. Topic 1: Freedom in our life
  • Essays about life. Topic 2: What should every person manage to do during his/her life?
  • Essays about life. Topic 3: The event that has changed your life
  • Essays about life. Topic 4: Life is priceless
  • Essays about life. Topic 5: Is our life in our hands?
  • Essays about life. Topic 6: How to make your life happy
  • Essays about life. Topic 7: Life experience: invaluable knowledge

Essays about Life: Making an Essay Bright
No doubt, an essay about life should be “lively”. To make an essay about life brighter, use real life examples and quotations about life in it – they will help you to illustrate and ground your statements and make an essay about life interesting to read.

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