Digital Dissertations: The New Word in Dissertation Publishing

When writing dissertations, students look for different sources of help that can simplify their task. What about past years dissertations – have you already tried to work with them? Nowadays, it has become quite simple: learn more about digital dissertations and their advantages.
The Internet has brought significant changes to all fields of our lives, and, fortunately, dissertation publishing is not an exception. Instead of printed and bound copies of dissertations, we now have an opportunity to work with their digital dissertations, which turns out to be much more convenient.
Digital dissertations are:
Easy to publish. You just submit your work to the digital dissertation database and avoid complicated procedures of publishing a dissertation in the form of a book or a journal article which are quite exhausting.
Easy to find. How many printed past years dissertations have you worked with in your local library? With digital dissertation databases, you have an opportunity to get familiarized with thousands digital dissertations devoted to study of a subject that interests you.
Analogically, when you have your dissertation written and defended, you will be probably glad if other researchers will work with your paper when doing their investigations. With digital dissertation databases, your dissertation will be read by other researchers – your efforts will not be in vain!
Easy to cite. No matter whether your dissertation is published in a journal or via a digital dissertation database, it should be obligatory cited every time a researcher mentions it in his/her work or uses your ideas in his/her own investigation.
To find digital dissertations that you can work with, visit the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database. You will be able to work with thousands digital dissertations on your topic: full texts, abstracts or dissertation titles.

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