Cabaret Essay Ideas: What Does Make the World Go Around?

The musical film Cabaret (1972) is a magnificent interpretation of the famous Broadway musical based on the play I am a Camera. If you are to write your Cabaret essay, you should understand that you are a lucky person who is to fulfill a remarkable task. So, first of all, if you have not seen the film, watch it.
You will have great pleasure and the basis for your Cabaret essay. Of course, there are so many things to consider in your Cabaret essay, but you may need some ideas to distinguish the major points.

  1. First of all, you may focus on the initial story, the play written in 1931. Thus, in your Cabaret essay you can deal with the real situation which occurred in Germany in 1931. In fact, the film reveals perfectly the changes in German society and the process of Nazis’ coming to the power. In your Cabaret essay you can concentrate on those metaphors which reveal those changes. Well, the film is rich in such metaphors and allusions.
  2. This leads to another possible topic for your Cabaret essay. Thus, in your Cabaret essay you may consider the farce in the film and in Germany of that period. Every Kit Kat Klub’s number is a bold reaction to those horrors which happen in the streets. Besides, these numbers do reveal the changes in Germany and Germans’ lives. In fact, only the great talent of the filmmakers could create such live images. Consider this in your Cabaret essay.

Of course, it can be also interesting to trace lives of people living in Germany of those times. For instance, you can devote your Cabaret essay to the difficult relationship of a American cabaret singer and an English academic.

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