Research Paper Titles: Choose the Name for Your Brainchild

Research paper titles are not just the standard beginning for your writing. They work as a means of communication with the reader, outlining the topic of the research, giving the idea about the content, and catching a reader’s attention. This article will help you to develop the appropriate title for your research paper.
When to Develop the Research Paper Title
Despite research paper titles are often developed after the research has been done. However, it is more effective to formulate the title in the very beginning for the following reasons:

  • It is a good way to represent the essence of your research paper to the colleagues, supervisors etc.
  • The title is needed when applying for funding.
  • It helps to set priority considering intellectual property rights.

How to Formulate the Research Paper Title
Formulate the research paper title considering the functions mentioned above:

  1. Make the title attractive. Analyze how the newspaper and magazine articles catch your attention and use the corresponding techniques.
  2. Avoid developing the essay title: do not be too metaphoric and challenging. The research paper title should be formal.
  3. Include all the necessary information into the title. For example, if you investigate how A influences B under the condition of C within the term D, make sure that your research paper title includes A, B, C, and D.
  4. Use the popular key words. This will simplify the access to your research paper in the future.
  5. Do not exceed 15-20 substantial words.

How to Test the Research Paper Title
It is easy to check quickly whether your research paper title works well:

  • Give someone a list with different research paper titles including your title to it and ask which papers the person is interested to read.
  • Show your research paper title to someone and ask what he/she thinks this paper is about.

It is often considered that a name given to a baby can bring him/her luck. Your brainchild also deserves a good name which will fulfill its functions successfully and single your research paper out of the other works.

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