Writing School Reports: the Role of the Teacher’s Personality

There are many tasks school children are obliged to do in the school. Writing school reports is considered tot be one of those assignments. Sometimes pupils are not quite ready to perform such responsible tasks. There are a lot of reasons for fiasco in writing school reports and the personality of a teacher is one of them.
Writing school reports: In search of perfect teacher
Teachers should understand their exceptional role in the forming of pupils’ personalities. Before writing school reports with children the teacher should be aware of the following information.

  1. Writing school reports is a very challenging and difficult task for school boys and girls. The teacher who gives this assignment has to prepare them for this process. That is why his or her personality is very significant. The teacher should be professional in his or her subject and possess good knowledge of psychology and even philosophy. Children should respect and trust the teacher. In such a way they will have a sincere desire to follow this person. Therefore writing school reports will remind of unforgettable journey with a favorite teacher.
  2. The main task of the teacher is to inspire the pupils for writing school reports. It is well-known that they will do this in any case. Writing school reports is integral part of the studying plan. Nevertheless, this is the teacher who can make the process of writing school report more interesting and not so difficult. Good explanation of the requirements for writing school reports is half of the way. The teacher should be very skilful in order to present this task in a proper way and make children interested in it.

Therefore, to be a good teacher means to be the part of the children’s life and their hearts. In such a case every task will be successful.

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