Human Development Essays: Theoretical Basis for your Paper

human development essaysSo, you are working on papers on human development. Can you define the subject of your work in a few words? To put it into simple words, human development means the study of various psychological changes in human beings throughout their lifetime. Thus, one of the important things you need to keep in mind is that you are going to write a kind of Psychology research paper or essay. This means you have to know the main rules of preparing papers in Psychology, at least, some basic requirements of the APA style.
What else do you need to know to write a good human development essay? Well, another important aspect to take into account is that the subject of your work is solidly based on theory. This is why a great part of your human development essay will also be devoted to this or that theory of human development. By the way, have you picked a theory that interests you to discuss in the human development essay? If not yet, then we are glad to remind you some of them.
Human development essays: Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution
In a few words, this theory states that infants, according to their different characteristics, are very similar to their nonhuman ancestors.
Human development essays: Freud’s psychoanalytic theory
The founding father of psychoanalysis believed that the nature of human development boils down to emotions and motives that humans are driven by and by our early experiences.
Human development essays: Piaget’s cognitive development theory
According to Jean Piaget, it is intelligence that helps humans adapt in the environment. In your human development essay, you will have to discuss four periods of cognitive development suggested by Piaget.
These are just a few theories that papers on human development can be based on. If you find it interesting, read our tips for writing an essay on parenthood.

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