Biblical Essay Topics: They Are All Around You

biblical essayWhen it comes to writing biblical essays, many students start panicking a little. Some of us believe in God, others do not, but everyone knows some basic biblical doctrines like Ten Commandments. However, our knowledge and understanding of the Bible does not go further, and that is exactly why students may get stuck with their biblical essays.
Yes, we agree that writing about something you do not understand is not easy. Yet, do you know what the most fascinating thing about writing biblical essays is? Actually, you have a chance to deal with topics that you know quite a lot about and probably even discussed in some of your previous works. What do we mean under such biblical research topics?
The answer is simple. The Bible is a very “wise” book and contains answers to almost any question. It touches upon issues that are the same acute nowadays as they used to be in the times of Abraham and Jacob. This means you can choose a biblical topic that you understand and even feel strongly about. Let us give you a couple of examples.
Say you want to touch upon polygamy and monogamy in your biblical essay. These two topics are perfectly covered in the Bible, and actually you will use it as a primary source for preparing your biblical essay. All you have to do is find relevant verses in the Bible that answer questions you want to pose in your biblical essay.
Or, you want to discuss some controversial issue in your biblical essay like homosexuality. In the Bible, you will find a lot of explanations on this issue, including the answer to the debatable question whether same sex marriages should be allowed.
We can help with many other tasks that seem to be difficult, e.g. essays on ethical issues or Masonic essays.

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