English Literature Essays: Secrets of Coming up with the Best Idea

essay english literatureComing up with fascinating topic ideas is one of the biggest challenges almost for all students who have to write English literature essays. Very often, students end up in “beating a dead horse” when the final idea they have for English literature essays is something like “Symbolism in Hamlet”.
If you do not want to bore a teacher to death with your essays on English literature, try these simple strategies described below. Good topic ideas are closer than you think.
Interesting vs. challenging
Bet you have heard hundreds of times that the topic of your essay on English literature should be interesting to you. While it is really so, we suggest you try a bit different thing. Choose a topic that not only interests but also challenges you. Are there some aspects about the assigned/chosen literary work that you do not get? Do you have some questions? Develop one of these ideas in your essay on English literature.
Say “no” to literary critics
Probably, this will sound a bit strange, but we do not recommend you start your work with reading critical comments on the book or free English literature essays written by other students. You will immediately hit upon others’ interpretations of the work. Remember that the teacher expects to find some fresh, unique ideas in your essay on English literature.
Start writing while reading
Actually, your work on the English literature essay should start not once you finish reading the book, but during the reading process. By the way, we advise you not to take notes while reading, since it may distract you. Better underline necessary passages in the book with a pencil or make markers using pieces of paper. Pay special attention to the points in the book that make you think, “Wow, it is incredible!” They may turn into fantastic ideas you can further develop in your essay on English literature.
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