Biography Book Reports: A Simple Way to Organize Your Paper

biography book reportsThe history of humankind as well as present day times are full of outstanding people who somehow changed or affected our world. Other people investigate lives of famous personalities and write biographies.
Your next written assignment will be devoted to one of the biography books, and it seems like this task makes you a bit confused. Bet you are trying to answer two major questions:

  • Who should be the subject of your biography book report?
  • How a good biography book report should be organized?

We agree that coming up with biography book report ideas is not easy, since there are so many options. All people who are famous for something are worth being discussed in your biography book report.
If there is no one you admire or who serves as a kind of role model for you, do the following. Take a piece of paper and write down several categories, e.g. musicians, politicians, athletes, artists, etc. Then, put into each category the name of a person that comes to your mind. Finally, look through the list and choose one person to discuss in your biography book report.
Well, how to organize your biography book report properly? Sometimes, teachers provide biography book report forms or some sort of plans for you to be able to arrange ideas. Such biography book report forms are also available online or you may check several free biography book reports.
Below, we present our simple but effective plan for writing biography book reports:

  1. Introduce a person you are writing about, provide general facts about him/her.
  2. Discuss early years of this person’s life (where he/she was born, grew up, gained education, some details about his/her family).
  3. Pass to the life-changing events in the life of the person: discoveries, awards, important achievements, etc. Include at least 5 events in your biography book report.
  4. Share your opinion about this person and his/her achievements.

If you need more details or ideas, read our articles about biography essays or essays on Martin Luther King.

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