Origami Essays: Things to Consider in Your Paper

origami essaysAt a glance, it sounds so simple. Origamies are paper figures that are made without using glue or cutting paper. Yet, for people who know origami better, it is a real art, and those figures are masterpieces.
You have to prepare an origami essay, which gives you a perfect opportunity to learn more about this Japanese tradition. By the way, before you get down to writing your origami essay, try to make your own origami. You will see that it is not so easy and requires patience and some time.
Anyway, your main concern at the moment is your origami essay, and you have to think of the ways to make it informative and catchy. Below, we offer things you may consider in your origami essay.
Origins of origami
Traditionally, it is believed that origami originates from Japan. However, in fact, this tradition emerged in China much earlier than in Japan. Paperfolding was also rather popular in Spain and Germany. Thus, you have enough space for investigation when working on your origami essay.
A famous legend
Good origami essays will be incomplete without mentioning a legend about the Japanese girl Sadako Sasaki. The legend explains why a crane is one of the most popular figures. Find out what this story is all about and briefly tell it in your origami essay.
Action origami
Do you think that origami is only about motionless figures? No, it is not, and it can be another point in your origami essay. People learned how to make moving objects from paper, birds that can fly or frogs that can jump. Explain in your origami essay what techniques are used to create action origami.
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