Personal Response Essays: What Do You Think about This Text?

personal response essayA personal response essay is a common college assignment, usually for a writing course for beginners.
A personal response essay is quite a short paper (1-4 pages long) in which a student has to analyze and express his/her opinion about a certain reading. It is a really useful kind of work because:

  • it teaches to understand what you read;
  • it helps to develop your analytical thinking;
  • it helps to develop an ability to express your thoughts, impressions, and feelings in the written form.

These are particular steps to take in order to prepare good personal response papers.
Personal response essays: step 1
Read the text for the first time. If you do not get something, do not worry. First, understand the overall idea of the text. After you finish reading, sit for a while and think how the text makes you feel.
Personal response essays: step 2
Start reading the text for the second time. Now, you will have to make some notes. This will be useful to talk about in your personal response essay:

  • feelings and emotions that the text calls in you;
  • points that you agree and disagree with;
  • things that make or do not make sense from your point of view.

Personal response essays: step 3
Finally, read the text for the third time. At this stage, you should develop a deep understanding of the text. Try to expand comments made at the previous stage. Probably, you will change your opinion about something or find answers to some questions.
Before you start writing your personal response essay, it is also useful to find critical articles about the text read. However, be careful with other’s ideas. Do not adopt them for your personal response essay. This work is about your own ideas.
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