Writing a Documented Essay: Frequently Asked Questions

documented essayYou have prepared an essay, handed it in, but your teacher returned your paper saying it is not a documented essay. Yes, you have failed the task to write a documented essay. Probably, you did not get teacher’s instructions correctly. Maybe, you have some other reasons for failing the assignment.
Anyway, it does not really matter. What you have to do now is rewrite your paper and learn some basic principles of writing a documented essay. Below, we introduce some frequently asked questions about documented essays that students have.
What is a documented essay?
There are two ways of defining a documented essay:

  1. It is an ordinary research paper;
  2. It is a 2000-2500 words long paper (not a full-scale research project) that “summarizes” in-class work like written assignments, tests, etc.

What are the reasons for writing documented essays?
There are basically three major reasons for completing this kind of work:

  • To report – just to introduce a certain problem;
  • To interpret – to present a problem and interpret some findings related to it;
  • To analyze – it is the most complicated type of documented essays, which requires your critical thinking skills. You will have to make a hypothesis, test it, and analyze conclusions.

What are some specific aspects of writing documented essays?
To write an excellent documented essay, you will have to use a number of sources. Documenting these sources is the most significant aspect of documented essays and the reason why they are actually called so.
Documenting sources is not an easy task, since there are a lot of rules you need to follow. Most likely, you will have to follow the requirements of either APA or MLA citation style. So, better get specific manuals before writing a documented essay.
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