How to Organize a Reunion Essay

The most important thing about a reunion essay is bringing its structure and content into harmony. It might sound hard, but the problem is very typical and it is a common mistake of most of the novice essay writers. What it means is a reunion essay, as any other paper, has a structure you cannot step away from. You have to have a certain sequence of parts. On the other hand, this sequence has to be complemented with a catchy content. If you have an Introduction as a required part, it has to be readable, not just a fulfillment of someone’s wishes. So, there is a way to make your reunion essay interesting to read. Here is how:

  1. If we are talking about the Introduction of the reunion essay, it has two boring but vital functions – to lead into the chosen topic and to state your thesis statement. But if you do only this, it is doubtful somebody will read it. This is why the Intro of your reunion essay has to be catchy, and here everything is about the thesis statement. The more original, controversial, individual it will be – the better.
  2. The Main Body looks like an extremely boring thing. You have to come up with several paragraphs of ideas backing up your thesis statement. But… if you use a creative approach and set the mood where every next sentence of the reunion essay is interesting to read, your paper will be a success.
  3. Finally, a Conclusion. It comes when all the creative ideas are over and you want only one thing – to get rid of the reunion essay. Plus there are plenty of requirements – do not give new facts, do not repeat what was already said, blah-blah-blah. The best thing you can do about the Conclusion of your reunion essay is to summarize it but leave an aftertaste, something to think about. This will surely be a professional approach.

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