Guide to a Research Paper Reference List

research paper referenceDo you have to complete a research paper on Psychology or Natural Sciences? Then a guide to making a research paper reference list will be right on time. Use the information given below to make your research paper references properly.
All research papers in APA style should include a list of the sources used for investigation. This list is usually called research paper references. There is also a certain set of rules that you should stick to while writing your research paper references.

  1. The research paper reference list should begin on a new page. The word “References” should be centered at the top and bold typed.
  2. The entries in the research paper reference list should be alphabetized by author’s names. If a book is anonymous, it should be alphabetized by the name of an organization or its title. Books without authors should be alphabetized by the first significant word of their titles.
  3. All entries of the research paper reference list should be double-spaced without any extra spaces between each entry. Use five spaces to indent the first line of each entry given in your research paper reference list.
  4. Use italics to present the title of a book or periodical, but not for the title of an article.
  5. Present the volume of periodicals using italics.
  6. Each entry presented in the research paper reference list should correspond to the in-text citations.

There are also special requirements for presenting web sources in the research paper reference list. In this case, the following elements should be presented:

  • Author;
  • Publication Date;
  • Web Page Title;
  • Retrieved Date;
  • URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

Students often fail to get a high grade on research papers because of an incorrectly organized research paper reference list. Use the guide presented and be sure to organize your research paper reference list properly!
You can also learn more about citing research paper in APA style from the article APA term paper given on our blog.

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