Writing Effective ROTC Essays

ROTC essaysAre you going to enter the Reserve Officer Training Corps? Then you have to fill in their application form and write a brilliant ROTC essay. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with the application form. However, we can give you some useful tips for writing ROTC essays. They can enhance your chances to be accepted. So, consider them.

  1. Be original
  2. Do you believe that even the most boring topics can be developed in an original manner? Yes, it is possible, and this is exactly what you should do when preparing your ROTC essay. Remember, the more generalized and banal ROTC essays are, the less interest they raise in the reader.

  3. Be honest, be yourself
  4. No doubts, ROTC admission officers want to know more about you as a person. So, try to think over something meaningful to you and describe your feelings in your ROTC essay. The more sincere ROTC essays are, the more chances their authors have to be accepted.

  5. Compose a catchy introduction
  6. An introduction is the first thing that readers see and pay attention to. So, there are 2 things that we would like to tell you about ROTC essays introduction:

    • Do not summarize;
    • Create a sort of mystery;
    • Intrigue.
  7. Prepare the main body. Be logical.

    Each phrase, each paragraph and sentence presented in ROTC essays body should serve to convey the main idea. Of course, you cannot do without transitions.

  8. Draw an effective conclusion
  9. When drawing the conclusion, try to establish a sense of balance between the introduction and conclusion. Another effective strategy to impress the reader is to ask a rhetoric question. So, this strategy can be used to finish ROTC essays.

ROTC essays should also correspond to all the basic requirements that the Reserve Officer Training Corps set. So, before you hand it in, make sure your ROTC essay is written properly.
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