How to Write Justified Essays

justified essaysCan you remember some of your actions that you would like to justify? You did not come home last night, for instance. What can be a good justification for that? Can you think of some really good explanations that would convince your parents?
If your justification abilities are not strong, you should practice while writing justified essays. Besides, this is one more kind of essays that you can be assigned to complete. So, let us discuss several details about justified essays.
What are justified essays all about?
It is not hard to guess that justified essays are about giving justification for something. You will have to discuss an event and explain it.
What topics are usually covered in justified essays?
Very often, justified essays are devoted to controversial topics. By the way, these topics can be both historical and contemporary. Here are several examples.
Contemporary topics for justified essays:

  • Can the War in Iraq Be Justified?
  • Can Space Exploration and Expenditures on It Be Justified?
  • Can Terrorism Be Ever Justified?

Historical topics for justified essays:

  • Can American Involvement into the War of 1812 Be Justified?
  • Can Bombing of German Cities during the Second World War Be Justified?
  • Can the Invention of Atomic Bomb Be Justified?

What are the main principles of writing justified essays?
There are two basic principles of writing a justified essay:

  1. A justified essay should be well-grounded;
  2. A justified essay should be based on scientific knowledge.

You should have solid knowledge on the topic you are going to disclose. You need to know how exactly everything happened, different opinions on the matter, etc.
So, writing this kind of paper is rather tricky indeed, and you should get ready for this task thoroughly.
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