Ideas for Writing Essays on Star Wars

essays on Star WarsIf you get an assignment to write an essay on Star Wars, it can be one of the most exciting written tasks! Do you know why? It is a real pleasure to write about the story that has been interesting for people during such a long period!
Just think about it: the first episode was released in far 1977, and the last, the sixth one, was released in 2005!
It is quite possible that you face some difficulties completing essays on Star Wars, as there are many topics to be discussed! So, we will help and offer you the catchiest ideas for essays on Star Wars (the first three episodes)!
First, we want to offer you one idea that refers to the whole story. In essays on Star Wars, you may express your opinion on why George Lucas, the father of Star Wars, decided to start his story with the IV Episode.
Now… Ideas for essays on Star Wars:
This episode raises various topics: implicit faith in the bright future, lust for power, desire to become a Jedi, and so on… You may write your essays on Star Wars about these topics or create your own!
In spite of such a title, it is one of the most romantic episodes! Your essay on Star Wars can be a kind of love essays! Just remember how the relations between Anakin and Padmé began. Beautiful actors and fabulous places cannot leave you indifferent while writing essays on Star Wars!
This episode shows all cards! Why did Any turn into Darth Vader? Why did all Jedi disappear? Who was that terrible Darth Sidious?
Well, you have three more episodes to consider. For this, you need to return into far 1977 and start searching for interesting themes for your essay on Star Wars!
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