Aspects to Consider in Dr. Strangelove Essays

Dr. Strangelove essayDr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb is one of the famous movies in the American cinematography. The film was directed by Stanley Kubrick and released in 1964.
Dr. Strangelove is a black comedy that shows in a satiric form some of the crazy ideas of the times of the Cold War. Writing Dr. Strangelove essays will definitely be an exciting experience for many students.
Although the main idea of the film is obvious, there are some other aspects that should be considered to write a perfect Dr. Strangelove essay. What are they?

  • First, let us return to the main idea of the film that should be described in Dr. Strangelove essays. The plot of the film is focused on a psychotic general Jack D. Ripper who is an ardent anti-communist. One day he gives an order to strike a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union.
  • Still, your awareness of the plot is not enough to write a brilliant Dr. Strangelove essay. You have to be quite knowledgeable in the period described in the film. So, it is better to recollect something about the Cold War if you want to produce an informative Dr. Strangelove essay.
  • Particularly for your Dr. Strangelove essay we advise you to learn more about the Caribbean missile crisis, doctrine of mutual assured destruction, general tendencies in the relations between two countries.

  • In your Dr. Strangelove essay you can draw some really fascinating parallels. For instance, does a name of the general Ripper remind you of something? As you can guess, he was named after a notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper. So, give your ideas on such a simile and find some other parallels in your Dr. Strangelove essay.

Writing about the film itself is not tricky. Still, for a good Dr. Strangelove essay you definitely need some background knowledge.

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