Choosing a Topic for Ancient Rome Essays

ancient Rome essayAncient Rome was one of the greatest empires in the world history. At that time, it was a highly developed civilization that was constantly expanding by means of conquering new territories. The Roman Empire is well-known for its outstanding political leaders, philosophers, art traditions and many other issues.
I suppose that you are lost in the variety of those issues and cannot choose the right one to be a topic of your ancient Rome essay. Yet, there is no reason to panic, since we are here to help you. In this article we would like to suggest you several interesting topics for essays on Rome. You will just have to choose one that suits you best. So, let us begin.

  • Prosperity and fall of Rome. In your ancient Rome essay on this topic you can tell about the major factors that led Rome to prosperity and then to its fall. In fact, it can be a good basis for someone’s history research paper. Still, this is quite a general topic for essays on Rome. Further you will find more specific issues.
  • Gladiators: Romans’ most favorite entertainment. “Panem et circenses” – this was a motto of the Roman Empire. Your ancient Rome essays on this topic allows you to investigate all the traditions of gladiators’ contests.
  • Slavery in the Roman Empire. This is one more catchy topic for an essay on Rome. You can tell about the functions of Roman slaves, their duties, and their importance for the master. Sometimes, rich people in Rome could trust only their faithful slaves.
  • Art of ancient Rome. Art traditions of the Roman Empire were really rich. Your essay on Rome can even turn into an art history coursework. Particularly, we recommend you to study Roman architecture and sculpture.

  • Roman emperors. Naturally, essays on Rome can be devoted to this topic. Some of the prominent personalities who can be described in your assignment are: Claudius, Julius Caesar, Nero.

We hope that one of these topics for Ancient Rome essays will definitely suit you.

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