What Makes a Marketing Dissertation Winning

marketing dissertationMany students want to know the secret of a perfect and flawless marketing dissertation. They believe there is a unique recipe that makes all of the marketing dissertations winning. Well, in fact, there is no secret but one – your desire. It is the desire to work hard on a marketing dissertation that makes the writing perfect. Add some of the things below to make your marketing dissertations even more complete:

  1. Original research is what any marketing dissertation is based on. It can be closely related to previously conducted researches, but still has to have something you want to bring into the investigation, something of your own. This is why, before choosing a marketing dissertation topic, consider and weigh all the variants and choose the optimal one.
  2. A good marketing dissertation includes solid analysis. All of the sources you pick out for your marketing dissertation have to be carefully studied and evaluated, organized in a good Literature Review chapter and criticized. Your job is to state which of the theories are weak or strong, too old or too avant-garde for the marketing dissertations you are working on.
  3. A well-written marketing dissertation also includes solid practical overview. Marketing is not only about theory. All theory has to be backed up by practice, real examples and cases. This will make your marketing dissertation close to reality and helpful for many others.

  1. Finally, a student that strives to write a good marketing dissertation does not save time for checking and editing. If you have (and you should in your marketing dissertation) graphs, numbers and statistics, make sure they are correct and up-to-date.

Also, make sure the overall result of the marketing dissertation is reached. Finally, the writing has to be carefully edited and polished.

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