GCSE Coursework on English Phonetics

GCSE courseworkStudents, who are taking their GCSE exams, also have to write GCSE courseworks with the focus on investigating English language. Phonetics of English language can serve as one of the topics for your GCSE coursework. So, if you do not know what issues to consider in your GCSE coursework, we advice you choosing Phonetics.
The process of writing your GCSE coursework on English phonetics will start with defining the problem under consideration, for example, intonation. In this case, the following points can be investigated in your GCSE courseworks:

  • The definition of intonation. Like any other kind of a paper, your GCSE coursework should start from defining the notion. In terms of logical considerations, the first thing you should mention in your GCSE coursework is the definition of “intonation” itself;
  • Existing types of intonation. As far as you know, there are two types of intonation – a rising and a falling one. Now, your task is to describe the peculiarities of each intonation type. Find a sufficient amount of sources to talk about the functions of different types of intonation in your GCSE coursework. In your GCSE courseworks, you can also tell about the factors that cause the change of intonation while speaking;
  • Examples of different types of intonation. Talking about English intonation without giving examples of different intonation types is similar to retelling a story to a child. Your GCSE coursework is a serious paper, where you have to display your knowledge along with some analytical abilities. You will not be able to display your analytical thinking abilities without providing numerous examples on the subject.

The pieces of advice given above are applicable to writing your GCSE French coursework as well, or you might combine two issues by writing about French language phenomena in your GCSE coursework.

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