Find out the Secrets of Dissertation Writing from the Past Dissertations

I bet that you are eager to find out the secret of successful dissertation writing! That is why I would like to tell you about the past dissertations that were rather successfully written and defended.
Past dissertations: Case #1
Let me introduce Leslie. She had never got the best grades, straight A’s. She just used a cross-disciplinary topic and discovered that Culture cannot be considered without Religious Studies.
Past dissertations: Case #2
Sally. Her dissertation was perfect due to dissertation coaching. She found out everything about dissertation writing and defense – thus, used that information on practice.
Past dissertations: Case #3
John. He had always been a huge lazy-bone. However, he took his dissertation work seriously. He just organized his time properly – thus, had an opportunity to think and check everything over very carefully.
Past dissertations: CaseŠ°n #4
Ben. He had really fallen in love with his dissertation work. Why? Because he had great motivation. He imagined himself to be a researcher in his future. Thus, he had a real driving force to work on his dissertation.
Past dissertations: Case #5
Susie. Her secret lied in her awareness of the major requirements for a dissertation. She just knew what was expected from her and fulfilled all the requirements in her project.
Past dissertations: Case #6
Michael. He knew that a skillfully written dissertation is not enough for success. It should be successfully defended. He participated in the theatre club of our university. So, he used his actorish skills at the dissertation defense. The committee members were astonished.
Past dissertations: Case #7
Kelvin. He had a real talent in persuading people. He could persuade everyone in the fact that the Earth is square. His finding was not that essential, but he managed to persuade the audience in its significance. So, he succeeded.
I am sure that if you take advantage of the past dissertations experience, you will get to know what direction to move by when writing and defending your dissertation.

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