Papers on Unemployment: Discussing One of the Most Acute Problems

September 21st, 2009

unemployment paperUnemployment has turned into one of the most acute problems since the beginning of the economic crisis. It is not only a problem in the United States, but in many other countries all over the world as well.
Talking about problems like that is one of the keys to preparing a successful paper. Your paper on unemployment will be devoted to something that everybody is interested in and want to find solutions to.
Although you have a good topic for writing, you still need an effective plan for completing your unemployment paper. If you have not developed it yet, we can help you.
Below you will find two possible plans for completing papers on unemployment.
Papers on unemployment: plan 1
If you do not want to go deep into details or you are not interested in economics issues, this plan for preparing an unemployment paper will fit you.
Read several books, newspaper or magazine articles devoted to the problem and try to answer the following questions:

  • Can you enumerate the main reasons why unemployment turned into such a big problem?
  • Can you make the “image” of today’s unemployed person? Talk about the gender, age, qualifications, etc.
  • How has unemployment affected society?
  • What has already been done and should be done to solve the problem?

Papers on unemployment: plan 2
If you are interested in the issue, your paper on unemployment can be devoted to specific issues. For instance, focus on the structural unemployment. Take a certain field or industry as an example for your unemployment paper. Explain how technological innovations within this field affected unemployment.
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How to Make Research Papers and Impress Tutors

May 25th, 2009

how to make research papersMany students would like to know how to make research papers and get only A’s. Well, if you are one of those students, read this article and check several ideas on how to make research papers properly.
One of the criteria that teachers use while evaluating papers is the way they are written and organized. Teachers pay special attention to how students express ideas and follow requirements set.
If you want to know how to make research papers, do not forget that a research paper is a formal piece of writing. So, make sure you follow all writing rules. Let us talk about them right now.
How to make research papers: use sophisticated vocabulary
Do you want to impress the readers with creativity and background knowledge? Then use thoughtful words. Avoid clichés, use synonyms, and explain all complicated terms you present in your research paper.
How to make research papers: use Active Voice
Passive Voice is used to create the sense of OBJECTIVITY. Nevertheless, try to use Active verbs in your research paper.
How to make research papers: vary the structure of your sentences
Try to make your sentences both short and long. Do not get caught into an endless loop of complex structures.
How to make research papers: mind punctuation
Writers use punctuation to make a certain impression on the reader. For example, if you want to focus the attention of your reader on one concrete word in a sentence, place it at the beginning or separate it by commas.
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How to Write Research Papers

February 7th, 2009

how to write research papersIt seems none of the tasks is as intimidating for students as writing research papers. Once they are assigned to write research papers, they start panicking, being unsure how to write research papers and what to write about.
Actually, research paper writing should not be that intimidating to you. Take it as a chance to enlarge your understanding of the chosen field and the first step towards advanced education.
In this article, we offer several recommendations on how to write a research paper.
How to write research papers: introduce something you are interested in
Choose an issue discussed in class and related to your career goals. It will help you stay motivated throughout the writing process, be interested in the job you are doing up to the last sentence.
How to write research papers: formulate a strong thesis
A thesis statement is what you intend to prove in the paper. It is the next step to writing a research paper. Develop your personal opinion on the problem under consideration, and formulate it briefly.
How to write research papers: consult experts
You can find and contact experts in different fields by means of the Internet, there is no need to go to the university and try to talk to someone there. So, it will not be difficult to find a guru in your particular research field who can help you answer some of your questions and give tips. Use this opportunity when writing research papers.
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Important Aspects about Your Dissertation Research Proposal

January 30th, 2009

dissertation research proposalWe guess there is no need to tell you about the significance of a dissertation research proposal. You have certainly defined it as the first important step towards the completion of your dissertation and degree.
Perhaps, you even know all the necessary steps that you need to take when writing a dissertation proposal. However, if you follow them blindly, you will get a simple dissertation research proposal that the committee will not appreciate, most probably.
This is why we want to make an emphasis on some other important aspects of dissertation research proposals. Here are several secret strategies for writing a good proposal for a dissertation.
Powerful introduction
One may say, “Is it really a secret strategy for writing winning dissertation research proposals?” Well, yes it is! Are you sure that you can explain the gist of your project in one or two sentences and make the reader believe in its significance?
The opening paragraph of your dissertation research proposal is the biggest chance to grab the reader’s attention. So, do not miss it!
Every student looks for his/her own ways to make a dissertation proposal stand out. We suggest you construct your proposal around some kind of paradox or puzzle.
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300 Words about Library Research Papers

January 29th, 2009

library research papersOne of the possible assignments you can get is to write library research papers. What do you know about library research papers?
Do you know their peculiar features?
Well, do not worry if you do not know that much. This article presents all necessary information about library research papers.
Some students still believe that one of the peculiar features of writing a library research paper is that students should spend all the time in libraries. Is it really so?
You are not really obliged to spend all your time in libraries to present a worthwhile library research paper.
Library research papers differ from other works by the ways of gathering information and its processing. While completing library research papers, students use different scientific works, analyze someone’s experiments, make use of the ideas offered by other scholars, etc…
In other words, the main thing about library research papers is that you should use already known facts and ideas. Your task is not to find out something “new” but focus on already proved theories, facts etc.
Here are several tips for writing library research papers that you should know:

  • Do not quote. You need to attribute each concept, idea, and definition to a certain literature source from which it was taken clearly.
  • Remember: all references in library research papers should correspond to the citation format required.
  • Use more than 5 sources while writing library research papers (for example, 2 primary sources – original papers, 2 secondary sources – reviews and critiques, and 2 Internet sources).
  • Make sure you present all information about the sources correctly (check each letter in names, each comma in references, and each number in dates of publication, chapters, etc.).

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Research Papers Writing Guide

January 22nd, 2009

research paper guideDo you need a clear and an invigorative research paper guide to start working?
Well! This article is just for you then! We realize that research paper writing is not an easy task, and sometimes a good research paper guide can really help.
This is why our research paper guide will be interesting to you!
Research Papers Writing Guide: Point # 1
Clear up your goals!
It is one of the most significant steps you should take! Your purpose is to “infect” the reader’s mind with an idea you have. Do it like a virus! This “infection” should affect two important organs – brain and heart!
Research Papers Writing Guide: Point # 2
Prove your research is worth attention!
You have a problem and several ideas how to solve it. Prove that these ideas are the best. To achieve good results, use statistical data or real life examples, and take into consideration other scientists’ points of view. In other words, be ready to conduct research in order to disclose the chosen topic!
Research Papers Writing Guide: Point # 3
Do not forget about the structure
Of course, you are to meet all set requirements. Proper structuring is one of them. So, keep to the following structure: Read the rest of this entry »

Ideas for Research Papers about Wars

January 21st, 2009

research papers about wars

“We make war that we may live in peace.”

Wars, weapons, ravage, death… these words carry pain, struggle for life, devastation in their meaning. Why do people fight? Because of power, self-realization?
Did you know how many people died during past wars? Numbers are horrifying:

  • World War I – about 15 million;
  • World War II – about 75 million;
  • The Spanish Civil War (1936 – 1939) – about 600,000;

Of course, this list is far not complete. Statistics shows that wars and conflicts of the XX century took away the lives of more than 148.5 million of people. This number really scares!
You can find and tell more while writing research papers about wars. Of course, writing research papers about wars sounds like a general assignment. It is necessary to narrow it down:

  • Choose a certain war;
  • Compare military leaders and their campaigns;
  • Investigate the reasons and consequences of different wars, etc…

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Research Paper Guide: Tips for Writing

December 25th, 2008

research paper guideDo you need to prepare a research paper? Is your tutor’s research paper guide not enough to start writing? Do you want to find interesting ideas for your project? Well, this article is a good choice. Here you will find a useful research paper guide.
So, if you are looking for reliable research paper help, let us not waste your time and present our research paper guide.
Research Paper Guide: Tips for topics
One of the most important steps to take is to choose a topic. Make sure that your topic is:

  • Grammatically correct (no spelling and grammar mistakes);
  • Unique (that is worth investigating);
  • Interesting to you;
  • Definite (clear);
  • Exciting (you are interested in investigating it).

Research Paper Guide: Tips for Research
Students cannot create worthwhile projects without a thorough investigation. This is why our research paper guide would like to offer you ideas for research:

  • Gather material;
  • Use various sources to get interesting data;
  • Investigate the problem from different perspectives;
  • Do not hurry up to make conclusions;
  • Evaluate all information found and only then use it in your paper.

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Free Research Paper Help

December 11th, 2008

research paper helpWriting a research paper is not an easy assignment, you know. It is very important to take each step on time. That is why some research paper help might be really useful.
Research paper help: point 1
Choose a topic
Very often, students hesitate about the choice of research paper topics. That is why they ask tutors for research paper help. So, either ask your tutor to suggest you a topic or choose it yourself. Just mind your personal interests and background knowledge.
Research paper help: point 2
Gather and analyze information
It is preferable to gather material using different sources. Thus, you can do the following:

  • Surf the Web;
  • Read past courseworks devoted to the issue you are considering;
  • Use a coursework database;
  • Go to your university library.

After you find enough material, it is necessary to analyze and study it. You have to choose only the most interesting and essential issues. If you need more research papers help with analyzing the material, refer to your tutor. He/she is sure to explain all things you do not understand.
Research paper help: point 3
Start writing your paper
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Parts of a Research Paper

December 3rd, 2008

parts of your research paperDo you have to compose research paper parts? Are you lost in all the requirements and instructions given by your tutor? Do you not know what information should be presented in each of the parts of your research paper? Do not give way to despair! You will create all parts of your research paper properly with the help of this article. So, are you ready? Then, go on reading!

  1. Parts of a Research paper: Introduction
  2. The main purpose of an introduction is to present the problem under consideration to the reader. Your introduction should include the following information:

    • Subject of your investigation;
    • Thesis statement;
    • Purposes of research;
    • Expectations from research.
  3. Parts of a Research paper: Literature Review
  4. A literature review is your critical analysis of the sources found. If you want to write a good literature review, answer the following questions:

    • What theories/approaches/concepts on the problem exist?
    • What do researchers think about the problem you consider?
    • Does the problem have any controversies? What are they?
  5. Parts of a Research paper: Methodology
  6. To write this part successfully means to dwell upon the following points:

    • What research methods did you chose?
    • Why did you choose these particular methods?
    • How effective are they?
  7. Parts of a Research Paper: Data Presentation
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