Short Story Prompts and Guidelines from Professionals in Writing

short-story-promptsShort Story Prompts Collection: Some Professional Assistance.
Need help with short story writing? Welcome to the place where you’ll get expert help! There are only a few steps in writing a short story, which you’ll have to take. Here are the most important writing ideas:

  • Choose the theme of your story to write on;
  • Create the setting for your writing;
  • Develop a three-dimensional character;
  • Place your character in an appropriate time context.

See? That was really simple. And now let’s deal with story writing a bit more in detail.
Short Story Prompts Suggestion: the Most Comprehensive List Ever
Well, if you are up to some creativity, take a look at these prompts for a short story!
Short story prompts for kids:

  1. Pick a character that you want to write about;
  2. Think of the most fantastic adventure you’d like to send your character on;
  3. Describe the place where the character travels to/stays in;
  4. Tell whom the character met on his/her way;
  5. Say what the character did or did not do;
  6. Say why the character did this or that and describe his/her feelings;
  7. Quote what your character said;
  8. Tell the readers what your character thought about;
  9. Explain what your character learned at the end of the trip;
  10. Give a hint to the readers about what might happen further on.

With these writing prompts, you can be sure you’ll get to the top!
Short story prompts for middle school writing:

  • Avoid the standard five-paragraph structure;
  • Include dialogues in your paper to make it more lively;
  • Introduce no more than three characters in your short story;
  • Try avoiding widespread standards;
  • Create an unclichéd world of your own – do not follow overused patterns;
  • Use hints instead of boring moralizing sessions – treat your readers as wise people;
  • Use specific language to add to the atmosphere of your story;
  • Make the reader interested in your story;
  • Use details to add to the specific air of your “virtual reality.”

Remember that if you follow every single writing prompt above, you’ll definitely hit the jackpot!
Short story prompts for high school:

  1. Combine the incompatible – make the story sound fresh;
  2. Use brainstorming techniques to find related issues;
  3. Create introductory and concluding parts – structure your paper to know where you are heading;
  4. Develop a writing style of your own;
  5. Use your sense of humor – make the writing fun;
  6. Make sure that there are certain ideas to back your story up;
  7. Use brainy quotes to support your paper;
  8. Search for an unusual source, e.g., an interview – or try to get one yourself;
  9. Research your topic before getting down to writing;
  10. Try to argue against a commonly accepted idea.

Short Story Prompts and Important Information for Every Writer.
The time has come to explore the world of creative writing! And here are writing prompts that only true professionals use in their work. Check these suggestions out:

  • Use grammatical constructions that you consider suitable for the paper;
  • Avoid using passive voice and too complex sentences;
  • Pick specific words and phrases that fit the topic;
  • Try to make each of the characters speak in their own unique way;
  • Use the same style from beginning to end;
  • Don’t be too formal in your writing, but try not to be too colloquial either.

With these amazing ideas, you will definitely come up with the most delightful story to write about – so hurry up and write a story right now! Keep up the great work!

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