Essay about Art Ideas to Highlight your Creative Skills

An essay about art can seem too general of a topic to write an effective essay. Therefore, essays about art can take several forms that are more specific. The art student might choose to compare different forms of artistic expression and argue why one form of expression represents a more authentic form of art than the other.
Art essays might also attempt to determine the nature of art itself, although this route will ultimately result in a subjective essay. Essays about art must not lose sight of their theoretical underpinning. If your professor has asked you to write an essay about art, consider the following ideas for inspiration.
Write an art essay about the prevailing difference in critical reception between visual art and sound art. Reference the early works of sound artists such as Alvin Lucier, Max Neuhaus, and La Monte Young as well as the later works of sound artists such as Susan Philipsz and Janet Cardiff. Discuss the idea that the existing artistic theoretical models cannot adequately analyze or theorize sound art because they have been developed exclusively to serve textual and visual forms of artistic expression; thus they are not capable of properly accounting for the distinct nature of sound art.
Write an essay about the difference between representational and abstract art and demonstrate sound theoretical theses that prove why one or the other is true art while the other is a fraud. Reference famous examples of representational art such as the Mona Lisa and Starry Night and famous examples of abstract art such as Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollack.
Prove to the reader that the only true form of art is painting, whereas other forms of art such as performance art remain simply self-indulgent foolishness. Prove to the reader that the only true form of art is performance art, whereas painting remains a snobbish and foolhardy attempt to organize the chaos of life into subjective, representational form.
Argue that film and video installations and digital art represent the art of the future whereas painting and sculpture represent the art of the past. Is there room for both in current art discourse? Why or why not?

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