Essays on finance Address a Single Issue in Traditional Format

Although essays on finance are not assigned by all professors, this is nonetheless a type of paper worth mastering, if only because there are some lucrative contests worldwide in this subject area. All the rules of traditional exposition apply to an essay on finance: focus, length, organization, structure.
In addition, try to raise or answer a question with practical application in the marketplace of ideas. Let’s consider how to format such papers, and where to look for examples of effective essays in Finance.
Your professor will doubtless lay out expectations, usually in your syllabus, for the format details of your essay.
The goal of all this picky emphasis on:

  • margin size,
  • paper variety/file format
  • typeface,
  • location of your name,
  • instructor,
  • section,
  • year,
  • semester
  • possibly even the college name
  • title in specified format
  • headers,
  • whatever else the professor wants to specify

is actually for your benefit. The professor wants to make sure that his/her assessment of your essay on Finance is not affected by some idiosyncrasy of your choice of formatting.

  1. He/she wants to make sure that if the paper comes to pieces in a rain storm; all the pages can be re-collated into a complete package.
  2. He/she wants to be able to locate it. Have you ever seen the average professor’s desk? The more identifierson the paper, the better the chance of finding it in that avalanche of material. Be assured: having your paper lost is a major, life-changing disaster!
  3. He/she does not want to be affected by personal animus or appeal of one student over another.
  4. He/she wants to plow through these Finance essays as painlessly as humanly possible.

So follow the prof’s rules! Failing that, these are safe selections for your essay on finance in:

  • black ink on white background,
  • one inch margins,
  • double-spacing,
  • a standard font such as Times New Roman or Arial in 11 or 12.

Structure formally:

  1. Formulate a strong thesis with room for nuance and provisos.
  2. Summarize your supporting points in your introduction.
  3. The standard 5 paragraph format for essays is fine to use; find at least three points, ideas, or pieces of data that directly support your thesis statement.
  4. Conclude by restating your thesis differently, briefly proposing here any suggestion for further action.

Here are some examples of topics and actual Finance essays – NOT for copying, but for inspiration. They are drawn from contest websites:

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