Descriptive Essay Topics: A Chance to Write about Anything

Choosing topics for a descriptive essay seems to be very easy, as they allow appealing to any sphere of life a person finds interesting. However, there is a strange paradox: when a person gets an opportunity to choose among several appropriate variants, he or she gets lost.
The same happens in case with descriptive essay topics: the more topics there are, the harder it is to pick one. In any case, we tried our best to provide you with the most suitable options for finding a good topic for your paper.

  1. Think of your warmest memories. Are they connected to your family, the house you lived in, or to the food your mom cooked you when you were a child? Anything that comes to your mind will work. Think of the things that awake pleasant memories in you, and try to recall every detail. In case you succeed in it, all you will have to do next is simply writing it all on the paper.
  2. Think of your plans for the future. Try to describe them in details to the readers, showing all the advantages of your vision. This will allow you choosing a descriptive essay topic similar to the following:
    • My Dream Work
    • My Future Family
    • The House I Will Live in
  3. Think of the academic writings you are good at. A good idea for a descriptive essay topic would be to write a very detailed plan of composing a certain paper. To be more specific, such topics for a descriptive essay could sound like:
    • Exemplification essay writing
    • Term paper format
    • Course paper requirements
    • Dissertation format
    • Thesis writing
  4. Think of the field of science you are interested in. It could also serve as a good source for your descriptive essay topic. For instance, if you are interested in psychology, the good topics for you include:
    • Emotions control
    • Kinds of character
    • Memory and forgetting
    • Perfectionism
    • History of psychology

In fact, there are practically no limitations for this kind of paper. Therefore, you can simply choose any area and use brainstorming to find the particular aspects to include in your paper.

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