Essays Character: Several Tips to Write a Character Essay

Writing an essay about character means to show you personal attitude to some character of a book you have read. It not only shows that you have read the book, it demonstrates your analytical skills and the ability to make a psychological analysis of a given character.
So, consider several tips that will help you to write a good essay character.

  • First of all, choose a character that you would like to analyze in your essay character. It should be interesting for you from different perspectives: his/her behavior, actions and traits of character.
  • The first paragraph of the essay character is the presentation of a hero. Explain why you have chosen this personality for the essay character and what the role of this personality in the book is. You can also outline the main peculiarities of the character that you will discuss in your essay character.
  • Defining the role of the personage in the story, you can indicate whether he/she is a protagonist or an antagonist. Perhaps, you will devote your essay character to the personage that is not the main hero and only a catalyst, in other words, he/she inspires the leading character for particular actions.
  • The next step of your essay character writing is to explore positive and negative traits of a chosen personage. Analyze them properly and support your arguments with the examples from the book. You can also analyze events or other characters in your essay character.
  • One more important thing you can focus your attention on in the essay character is the symbolism of objects that surround your personage. May be he/she has some special attributes that characterize him/her, like a pipe of Sherlock Holmes, for example.

Finally, your essay character may be focused on the conflict around your character and how it influenced on the personage’s development.

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