Dissertation on Finance: Hints on Choosing a Good Topic

Developing a topic for your dissertation on finance is a very responsible task. The practice shows that a half of a student’s success in writing a dissertation is defined by choosing a god topic. In this article, we summarize some principles of choosing topics for a dissertation on finance.
Remember that your dissertation on finance should contribute to scholar knowledge. That is why it is necessary to choose a topic that allows working in theoretical dimension. Thus, do not focus on a single case study or a practical matter that would rather become a subject of some financial project than of a dissertation on finance.
The process of topic development begins with choosing a subject area. These fields are often chosen for writing dissertations on finance:

  • Banking
  • Taxes and taxation systems
  • Currency rate
  • Financial management
  • Budget
  • International finance
  • Inflation
  • Derivative instruments
  • Stock exchange
  • Financial investment
  • Personal finance
  • Risk managements et al

For your dissertation on finance, choose a field that:

  1. You are good at
  2. You are interested in
  3. Is relevant to your career plans.

Then, you need to develop a narrow topic. You should develop a question that you will answer in your dissertation on finance. You can use the following sources of ideas for your dissertation on finance:

  • Journal articles. You will get necessary theoretical background and see tendencies in study of your subject.
  • Magazine and Internet articles. You will know what is going on with a subject of your dissertation on finance.
  • Sample and past years dissertations on finance. You will see how dissertations should be written and what topics they can be devoted to.
  • Dissertation topic lists. They contain good ideas on topics for dissertations on finance. BUT! Remember that thousands of students read the same topic lists. Thus, do not choose these topics for your dissertation writing. Just see the example and get inspired.

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