Essay Writing Guide: Organize Your Ideas to Perfection!

Welcome to our essay writing guide! Now that you are interested in writing essays, it is time you learn about the basic writing procedures and strategies. Proceed from one tip of our essay writing guide to another, and master the skills of custom essay writing!
Essay Writing Guide: Selecting the Topic
Every paper starts with choosing a topic. In case with essays there might be two options:

  • you choose the topic yourself: do not make it too broad; pick out something that is firstly, personally relevant to you and secondly, engaging to the audience;
  • you are given the topic: take care to answer the essay question fully and precisely without unnecessary digressions.

Essay Writing Guide: Brainstorming Ideas
Simply jot down all the possible — even the craziest! — ideas that come to your mind in response to the topic.
Essay Writing Guide: Organizing Ideas
Now from the whole variety of your ideas, choose the ones that are most relevant and organize them in a neat scheme:

  • make an outline of your essay: provide the main idea (thesis) and the supporting ideas for it;
  • find examples and evidence you could use for supporting ideas;
  • think of what conclusions you could draw from your discussion.

Essay Writing Guide: Writing Your Essay
Now write down everything you have planned — and even more, if you feel inspired for it.
Essay Writing Guide: Editing and Proofreading

  1. Check your essay for the smooth logical flow of paragraphs.
  2. See that there is a clear introduction–body–conclusion structure.
  3. Proofread for grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Following our simple essay writing guide, you will enjoy writing your essay!

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