Grants for Dissertation: A Delineation of the Process

Dissertation grants are rewards awarded to individuals who conduct research and write a dissertation that is current and relevant to a particular issue affecting a company or organization. The rewards given can be in form of cash or in form of scholarships.
Most of the individuals who win the dissertation grants are often interned into the respective organization and subsequently hired or promoted if they are already working with the organization. Grants for dissertation are normally competitive in nature and may be announced through the media or through a company’s website or internally though a memo.
There are some basic standards one should satisfy in order to participate in a dissertation grant competition and they include;

  1. Being a citizen of a particular country
  2. Must be a permanent resident
  3. Must be working with an institution within the country
  4. Should be an advance doctorate student or a qualified doctorate

The period for dissertation grant research is normally between 3 months to one year and within this period, researchers are expected to write a dissertation that outlines the specified problems, provide evidence of the extent of the problem and offer solutions to the problems.
Companies will normally assess the submitted dissertations and decide on a winner of the dissertation grant based on the intensity and comprehensiveness of the research, accurate analysis and practical recommendations. The researcher who satisfies all these qualities is announced as the overall winner and received the dissertation grant.
Grants for dissertation are a simple way through which companies and organizations are able to get an objective perspective of their products and services. This greatly benefits them because they are able to assess the state of their business relative to competitors hence making crucial adjustments. Winners of the dissertation grants also benefit financially and professionally since most of them get absorbed into the company.

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