How to Critique Research Papers: Sharing Something Else Except your Feelings

critique research paper“Well done!”, “Great job!”, “Well, probably you should work more on your paper”, “Terrible! It is the worst paper I have ever read”… Is this how you are going to critique a research paper? Then, we are sorry to disappoint you, but you are worth nothing as a critic.
The thing is that when you critique a research paper, you are not supposed just to express your feelings as if you have watched a cheap soap opera. Your major mission boils down to shedding light on the author’s mistakes, inaccuracies, and ways to improve them as well as on the strong sides of someone’s work.
Therefore, let us explain you how to critique research papers, because you definitely have no idea how to do it properly.
How to critique research papers: step 1
Start with reading a paper. Just read the work without taking any notes or marking something. Make sure you get a general idea at this first stage of your research paper critique.
How to critique research papers: step 2
Then, re-read a research paper introduction. Do you remember what makes a good introductory paragraph? Actually, it should present the problem under discussion and the author’s opinion (argument) on this problem, which is also called a thesis statement.
How to critique research papers: step 3
Now, start re-reading body paragraphs. In a few words, body paragraphs should disclose all points presented in the thesis statement and support the author’s position with evidences.
How to critique research papers: step 4
Finally, get down to conclusions. Mind that the final paragraph should not simply summarize major points, but also point the reader to the findings made and leave him/her with something important to think about.
How to critique research papers: step 5
And only after all these steps are taken, you can share personal impressions and feelings, suggest your ways to improve the project, etc.
In our next articles, you can find more tips on how to make research papers.

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