“My Dream House” Essays: Describing your Dream

dream house essayYou know, it is really strange that you are stuck with a “My Dream House” essay. What we mean is that everybody dreams to have a house and almost everybody knows what exactly this house should be like.
Bet you also want to live separately, have own house or some other kind of apartment, but just cannot concentrate and get started with your “My Dream House” essay. Then let us help you do it.
Your teacher’s expectations
So, do you know what a teacher expects to read in your “My Dream House” essays? Actually, the answer to this question should be your starting point. Does he/she want to check your ability to write descriptive essays? Or does he/she want to know something special about you? Anyway, what we suggest you do is look through instructions on how to write “My Dream House” essays that the teacher gave you or go and ask him/her all questions you have about this assignment.
Your inspiration
Such task as a “My Dream House” essay is one of those assignments that require inspiration. You do not even have to research anything, but getting inspired is one of the main keys to success. You may try the following strategies to get inspired to create your “My Dream House” essay.

  • Do you have a favorite pop or movie star? Find a picture of his/her house, which can help you come up with really good ideas for your “My Dream House” essay.
  • Are there some countries that you really like? Use Google and find out what houses are typical for this or that country. For instance, you may describe a typical French or English house in your “My Dream House” essay.

Our tips for writing short descriptive essays and creative essays might be useful too.

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