Childhood Experience Essays: The Best Way to Present your Childhood Memories

childhood experience essayOn the one hand, writing childhood experience essays seems to be easy and fascinating. All you have to do is recall one of the happiest periods of your life and pick something specific to present in your “My Childhood Experience” essay.
On the other hand, having a good topic idea for a childhood experience essay is not enough. Success of your essay greatly depends on how this idea is developed. So, let us talk about this.
First, it should be mentioned that such tasks as essays on childhood experience can be a part of college application essays. Stories from your childhood can help the adcom understand you better. This means that your task boils down not only to a simple description of your experience, but you need to explain how this experience affected you, helped to shape your character, etc.
Actually, even if this task is not a part of an application essay, the main purpose of writing childhood experience essays remains the same. You have to explain why the chosen experience is significant, what it means to you.
Thus, perhaps before you start writing your childhood experience essay, you should think for a while about a really meaningful event, ask yourself several questions like:

  • Why do I still remember this event?
  • Did it really have a significant impact on me?
  • Is it worth being described in my childhood experience essay?

Here are several other tips for writing essays on childhood experience.

  1. You have to write a narrative essay. If necessary, you may check how to write narrative papers here.
  2. Use the technique of “showing instead of telling” when writing your childhood experience essay so that the reader could get how you really felt.
  3. If you are writing an application essay, make sure your story explains why you are a perfect candidate to be accepted to that particular college.

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