Animal Experimentation Essays: What Makes a Good Paper

animal experimentation essayProbably, if we lived in the ideal world, we would not test different things on animals. However, at the present moment and in some particular cases, people cannot go without animal testing.
Is it right or wrong? Should we care about thousands of animals that are dying every year because of experiments or should we care about our own benefits? This is what your animal experimentation essay will be about.
In other words, you will be dealing with a controversial issue. What it means is that in your essay on animal experimentation you should:

  • present a clear position on the matter;
  • introduce your arguments;
  • give necessary supporting information.

By the way, preparing an argumentative essay on animal experimentation is not the only writing option. If you are interested in the topic, manage to find a lot of good information, you can touch upon different aspects of the problem.
Here are some pointers for your essay on animal experimentation.
Benefits of animal testing
Whether someone likes it or not, tests on animals are sometimes vital for humans. Tell about all the drugs that save people’s lives in your essay on animal experimentation. Tell about the higher speed of researches because of shorter lives that animals live.
Disadvantages of animal experimentation
Sure, if you want to present a neutral position in your animal experimentation essay, you also need to touch upon the negative sides of tests on animals such as wrong test results (experiments may harm animals and appear to be useless for humans).
Take a look at the legal side of the problem and discuss in your essay on animal experimentation some laws used in this field: Animal Welfare Act, Public Health Service Act, etc.
Our articles about essays on dogs and great white shark essays might help you come up with more ideas for essays on animal experimentation.
So, good luck!

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