“The Necklace” Essays: Analyzing a Famous Short Story

the necklace essayBefore writing your “The Necklace” essay, go and ask several people “What is the most famous short story?” If people have read “The Necklace”, you will not hear any other answer.
Yes, Guy de Maupassant decided not to be too wordy and created a short story called“La Parure” (The Necklace” in English). Yet, he managed to touch so many themes and ask so many questions. This is exactly what makes this story so impressive.
In your “The Necklace” essay, you will have to develop one of the themes or answer a question. Do not hurry to look through free essays on “The Necklace” if you lack your own ideas. We are sure the story will provoke many thoughts, and this is what a teacher will be looking for in “The Necklace” essays.
We suppose that several prompts from our writers will help you start writing your “The Necklace” essay.
Themes to touch upon in “The Necklace” essays
We have already mentioned that Maupassant discussed several important themes in his story. Use one of them or several as the main idea of your “The Necklace” essay, express your opinion, etc.
Try to disclose one of the following themes in your “The Necklace” essay:

  • Wealth – the central theme of the story;
  • Woman – described as a desperate housewife dissatisfied with her life, marriage;
  • Pride vs. greed – is Mathilde Loisele a proud woman?
  • Suffering – the main characters suffer because of all the cruelties of life.

Questions to answer in “The Necklace” essays
Your “The Necklace” essay can also be devoted to a question about the main characters of the story. For example:

  • How do you feel about Mathilde? Does she impress you as a woman?
  • Could Mathilde do something else to make her life happier? What could her husband do?
  • What do you think about the end of the story?

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