How to Write Narrative Papers: Remember the Matrix

How to write narrative papersA narrative essay is one of the most controversial types of papers. It is very simple due to the natural flow of storytelling, and it is very hard due to its distinctiveness from other papers. And this is why you might face certain challenges if you are assigned to write a narrative essay.
Do not worry, since we are going to help you by sharing our experience of writing narrative papers.
How to write narrative papers: theory
The basic principle of completing narrative essays is to write from your own perspective. The very process of writing is very natural: as if you tell a story to your friend. So, generally speaking, if you wonder how to write a narrative paper, the answer is very simple: trust yourself and let the story flow.
How to write narrative papers: practical advices
Yet, this was only theory. Let us move on to practice.
The first thing to do when writing narrative essays is to recall any story that you would like to tell your friend. No writing yet. Just recall the story: it may be funny or thrilling, lyrical or something else. It is like writing a reflexive essay. The only exception is that this story should be interesting and it should be about you (see our article on how to write essays about yourself).
Speak out loud this story as if it is a rehearsal of your meeting with friends. Repeat it a couple of times. Do you see that you skip some details? Sometimes, you forget to tell something and then you check yourself and introduce the details omitted. Why? Because they are essential. After several tries you will get the gist of what is important and what is not.
Write down your story and check again if everything is really necessary. Get rid of all unnecessary details. What is left novelists called “plot-devices”: the key points of storytelling.
Good luck!

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