Dissertation Reports

dissertation reportThe dissertation reports summarize the ideas of the dissertations. The dissertation reports are normally presented to the members of the committee of the dissertation defense, or may be published in some scientific magazines, or almanacs, overviews and so on.
Normally, the dissertation reports are limited to no more than a thousand and a half of words. However, the limits are not restricted. You are allowed to make your dissertation report a little shorter or maybe a little longer. Just try not to run to extremes.
Let us tell you some important facts about the dissertation reports structure. At first place, the dissertation report should state precisely and clearly the topic and the purposes of your dissertation.
Further you should give a bit of background info on the topic (the most significant points and results of someone else’s researches on related topics) in your dissertation report. You need to mention only the most significant points of the previous researches in your dissertation report.
Later on describe the methods of research and the tools which you have used for conducting your dissertation research.
In the end, you will have to point out your discoveries which seem to you to be the most significant and special. Remember that all the dissertation reports have a task to impress the committee, so try to reach this goal.
By the way, we should not forget to mention that each significant part of the dissertation report should start with a separate paragraph. Each report point does not have to be longer than a paragraph. If you have some problems with it, make sure that you have not overloaded your dissertation report with extra details.

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