Papers on Unemployment: Discussing One of the Most Acute Problems

unemployment paperUnemployment has turned into one of the most acute problems since the beginning of the economic crisis. It is not only a problem in the United States, but in many other countries all over the world as well.
Talking about problems like that is one of the keys to preparing a successful paper. Your paper on unemployment will be devoted to something that everybody is interested in and want to find solutions to.
Although you have a good topic for writing, you still need an effective plan for completing your unemployment paper. If you have not developed it yet, we can help you.
Below you will find two possible plans for completing papers on unemployment.
Papers on unemployment: plan 1
If you do not want to go deep into details or you are not interested in economics issues, this plan for preparing an unemployment paper will fit you.
Read several books, newspaper or magazine articles devoted to the problem and try to answer the following questions:

  • Can you enumerate the main reasons why unemployment turned into such a big problem?
  • Can you make the “image” of today’s unemployed person? Talk about the gender, age, qualifications, etc.
  • How has unemployment affected society?
  • What has already been done and should be done to solve the problem?

Papers on unemployment: plan 2
If you are interested in the issue, your paper on unemployment can be devoted to specific issues. For instance, focus on the structural unemployment. Take a certain field or industry as an example for your unemployment paper. Explain how technological innovations within this field affected unemployment.
Or, you may investigate the problem in some other countries and prepare, for instance, an essay on unemployment in India.
If next time you have troubles with a retirement essay or a Business studies coursework, we will be glad to help.

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